Yearly Intermittent Wellbeing Evaluation (PHA) PROCESS.

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Ref B: Policy for Reserve Component Mobilization Medical Requirements ... The
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IMPLEMENTATION GUIDANCE FOR NAVY RESERVE ANNUAL PHA PROCESS References : Ref A: Manual of the Medical Department Ref B: Policy for Reserve Component Mobilization Medical Requirements Ref C: NAVADMIN 068/05 Directing Use of Active Duty-Reserve Forces Dental Examination DD Form 2813

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BACKGROUND Ref A : Periodic physical examinations and Annual Certifications are no more required . The Abbreviated Aeromedical Examination (NAVMED 6410/10) and other claim to fame physical examinations will proceed as some time recently, fusing the IMR necessities and Health Self-Assessment into the forte physical exam process. Ref B: Navy Reserve will execute PHA process starting 01 Oct 05.

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PHA PROCESS Consolidates yearly Medical/Dental prerequisites into a solitary procedure, wiping out time far from obligation.

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PHA DUE DATES Implementation will start 01 Oct 05 utilizing the due date of the Reserve Component part\'s next Certification of Health Condition (NAVMED 6120/3-short frame) or occasional physical exam. All individuals will have finished their underlying PHA by 30 Sep 06. Orders may utilize birth month review to build up PHA cycles.

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ELEMENTS OF THE PHA PROCESS Fleet and Marine Corps Health Risk Assessment PARF-Q Health and Dental Record (HREC/DREC) Review Health Promotion Counseling Clinical Preventive Services Recommendations Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) Problem-Focused Physical Examination

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FLEET AND MARINE CORPS HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT Members will finish the Fleet and Marine Corps Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Guidance posted at HRA at Log in with RUIC, e.g., 68359 Command-selected Administrators will oversee process

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HEALTH AND DENTAL RECORD (HREC/DREC) REVIEW Initiate DD Form 2766 before arrangement (tolerant recognizable proof square, pre & post-sending history) Conduct HREC/DREC Review: MDR audits Individual Medical Report (IMR); decides any IMR Deficiencies (counting yearly dental examination). Vaccinations Lab tests Dental exam by military dental practitioner (at regular intervals) Identify any uncertain wellbeing issues or inadequate human services.

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CLINICAL STATIONS Vital signs (temp, beat, resp, BP) Administer required vaccinations Complete availability research center tests Determine BMI (stature/weight) Test for visual sharpness Note: report on both SF600 and DD Form 2766

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CLINICAL REVIEW An attendant or credentialed supplier (FNP, PA, MD/DO) will finish a vis-à-vis audit of medicinal status with part Document on DD Form 2766 and SF600 Review DD Form 2766, (References: "DD Form 2766 Powerpoint" and "PHA Requirements Guideline") Review PARFQ (Nurses may clear if non-waiverable) Ensure determination of all wellbeing concerns and documentation of restorative screening Refer therapeutic conditions for follow up Verify fulfillment of past therapeutic referrals US Preventive Services Task Force suggestions are accessible at:

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PHYSICAL FITNESS ASSESSMENT (PFA) Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire (PARFQ) will be looked into before PFA cooperation Document "Cleared" and date if part is cleared to take part in physical molding and PRT; credentialed supplier will clear individuals who have cardiovascular or other constraining danger elements

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PROBLEM-FOCUSED PHYSICAL EXAMINATION If part distinguishes a particular wellbeing issue amid the PHA, a credentialed Provider will lead an issue centered history and physical examination and give take after on consideration proposals

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MEDICAL DEPARTMENT REPRESENTATIVE (MDR) Coordinate the PHA procedure. Recognize work force prerequisites important to execute the PHA and direction with OHSU Det OIC and REDCOM to guarantee the accessibility of restorative bolster faculty. Set up PHA plans and give necessities to unit CO/OIC. Guarantee required structures are accessible to bolster documentation necessities. The " PHA SF 600 ", accessible at the CNRFC Force Medical site: The " DD Form 2766 " will be printed from MRRS after IMR information has been overhauled, including date of PHA . Audit PHA documentation including MRRS sections to guarantee culmination before part leaves arrangement. Furnish Admin with any MAS or IMS code upgrades. Educate unit CO/OICs of part LOD, MRR, TNPQ or TNDQ status.

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DENTAL OFFICERS Provide Annual Dental examinations. Per ref C, part may utilize non military personnel Dentist and DD Form 2813 to meet yearly dental examination necessity, yet individuals must be inspected by a military Dental officer in any event once like clockwork. Give dental examination and decide dental order and any dental x-beam prerequisites. HM (DT qualified) finishes dental x-beams and records in DREC and MRRS.

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RESERVE COMPONENT HOSPITAL CORPSMEN (HM) Supplement the MDRs to perform imperative signs, tallness/weight, vision testing, MRRS information input, HREC/DREC surveys, vaccinations, phlebotomy, dental x-beams (DT qualified). Finish any IMR inadequacies (controls inoculations, draws labs, oversees PPD, affirms required therapeutic hardware).

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RESERVE COMPONENT MEMBER Reports for PHA when booked Completes Fleet and Marine Corps HRA Completes PARFQ Report to meeting with any sending required medicinal gear (e.g. restorative cautioning labels, 2 sets eyeglasses, gas veil glasses, ballistic eyewear) Provide current eye medicine Provide therapeutic documentation for any medicinal treatment gave by regular citizen human services supplier since last PHA, including any subsequent watch over unending therapeutic conditions (i.e. Hypertension, elevated cholesterol, Diabetes, back agony, and so forth.) Provide DD 2813 if used to meet Annual Dental examination Provide aftereffects of TB screening from non military personnel source if appropriate Follow-up with regular citizen human services supplier for any non-administration associated wellbeing issues, clinical preventive administrations and PHA-Provider proposals

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PRE-DRILL PHA PROCESS FLOW MDR contacts OHSU Det OIC to recognize staff prerequisites important to execute the PHA and guarantee the accessibility of restorative bolster work force. MDR surveys HREC and MRRS to decide insufficiencies to incorporate (TNPQ, TNDQ, LOD, MRR) issues and archives on the "PHA SF 600". MDR guarantees consumable supplies are accessible (i. e. tongue depressors, syringes, needles, and so forth.) to fulfill drill weekend prerequisites. MDR prints the obliged structures to bolster PHA documentation necessities (i.e. Wellbeing Self-Assessment Survey, PARFQ and PHA SF 600). MDR gives the Medical Scheduling Report to Unit CO/OICs for individuals who are expected Full Physicals, Annual Certifications, Dental exams or HIV testing.

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DRILL WEEKEND PHA PROCESS FLOW Member reports for PHA with any required documentation and medicinal hardware. Finishes Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and PARFQ. Medical caretaker Corps Officer audits HREC and MRRS to decide insufficiencies and reports on "PHA SF 600". Medical caretaker Corps Officer audits HRA with part and gives wellbeing advancement advising. Medical caretaker Corps Officer audits PARFQ. Allude part to credentialed Provider if any "Yes" reactions. Generally favor PFA interest by marking PARFQ and recording on "PHA SF 600". Attendant Corps Officer gives part with proposals to age/sexual orientation particular clinical preventive administrations. HM finishes crucial signs, stature/weight, visual keenness testing, records on "PHA SF 600" and in MRRS. HM finishes all IMR lacks. Dental Officer gives dental exam and decides dental grouping. The PHA is viewed as complete when all the above strides have been expert and the MDR affirms culmination before part leaves arrangement.

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HEALTH PROMOTION COUNSELING Members will get wellbeing advancement directing for any danger practices distinguished from the Health Risk Assessment (Fleet and Marine Corps HRA). Wellbeing Promotion instructive material is accessible at: The Fleet and Marine Corps HRA gives top notch online training to every subject zone; joins imprinted on Member Reports.

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POST DRILL WEEKEND MDRs have execution adaptability yet ought to have finished all activities in one arrangement. MDR will guarantee the accompanying: MRRS redesigned and part is Fully Medically Ready. Eye and medicine solutions in HREC. "PHA SF 600" finished, marked and in HREC. "DD 2766", segments one through 10 finished, reflects overhauled MRRS information, and in HREC. Dental exam complete and part Class maybe a couple. On the off chance that part status is other than Fully Medically Ready, part knows about obliged activities to determine issues to accomplish Fully Medically Ready status. Print IMR Report and forward to NRA CO and Unit CO\'s.

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Questions? HM1 Michelle Richardson Health Services REDCOM South 1803 Doolittle Ave Fort Worth, TX 76127-1803 (817) 782-6635 DSN 739-6635

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