YLRL Young women Radio Alliance.

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Composed in 1939, YLRL is a not-for-profit association of Women Amateur Radio Licensees.International in scopeMembership: around 1100, around 200 of which are DX YLs. The Original Founding Mothers of YLRL are:. 21 August 2010. YLRL Presentation. 2. YLRL
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YLRL Young Ladies Radio League Nancy Dluehosh, N1NCY August 21, 2010

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YLRL—Who Are They? Sorted out in 1939, YLRL is a philanthropic association of Women Amateur Radio Licensees. Universal in degree Membership: roughly 1100, around 200 of which are DX YLs. The Original Founding Mothers of YLRL will be: YLRL Presentation

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This is the ad in QST that began it all - May 1939 Issue YLRL Presentation

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History Beginnings An advertisement in QST considered what number of ladies "key twitchers" there were Ethel Smith, W7FWB, later, K4LMB, composed a letter to the manager requesting that YL\'s react to her on the off chance that they were "key twitchers" She likewise composed, "Perhaps we ought to begin a YLRL" 12 YL\'s reacted The YLRL began: October 1939 YLRL Presentation

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History Beginnings Enid Carter, W9NBX, later, W6UFX, drew up a constitution Dues were $.25 a year District administrators were named for every call range First month to month release: November 1939 YL Harmonics name decided for month to month notice April 1940, 2 new individuals from Alaska and England October 1940, YL Harmonics 15 pages in length! YLRL Presentation

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History Beginnings YL nets on 160, 80, 40, 20, and 10m Colors of dull blue and silver picked by Ethel Smith, K4LMB (ex-W7FWB) Signature "33" now started by Clara, W8KYR, later W2RUF Original significance of "33": Love, fixed with kinship between one YL and another YL YLRL Presentation

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History Beginnings May 1940, "YL" now utilized for all authorized female administrators June 1940, first nearby YL Chapter in Cleveland, Ohio More neighborhood parts shaped Pearl Harbor! No ham radio for the length of the war YL Harmonics continued going YLRL Presentation

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History Beginnings Nov./Dec. 1942-more than 300 individuals Third commemoration Harmonics 13 pages in length One page of openings for work for YL\'s in CAA, Navy Signal Corp, M.I.T., in WAAC and WAVES YLRL Presentation

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Conventions First International Convention 1955: Santa Monica, California Format: conference, YL lunch, YL-OM feast during the evening, establishment of new officers Gifts of copper wristbands with YLRL emblem compliments of Los Angeles YLRL OM\'s took voyage through Collins Burbank Factory and NBC Studios while YL\'s had the conference YLRL Presentation

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Conventions Second Convention: Chicago, IL, 1957 Third Convention: Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1960 Fourth Convention: Columbus, Ohio, 1964, YLRL\'s 25 th commemoration! YLRL Presentation

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Conventions each 3-4 years: Denver, CO; Long Beach, CA; Houston, TX; Philadelphia, PA, (40 th Anniversary); Crystal City, VA… Conventions I\'ve gone to: 1999 - Longbeach, on the Queen Mary (60 th Anniversary of YLRL) 2002 - Cleveland 2005 - Denver 2008 - Huntsville Next tradition July 2011 in Boston, MA YLRL Presentation

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YL-Harmonics YL Harmonics is the YLRL bi-month to month distribution $15 a year contribution incorporates a membership to the YL Harmonics Each issue contains news from each of the 10 U.S. locale, Alaska, Canada, and DX nations There is likewise a Youth Column composed by an adolescent part, a challenge page, grant data, and other relevant YL-ham data YLRL Presentation

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YLRL Scholarships College grants set up in memory of Silent Keys Ethel Smith, K4LMB Mary Lou Brown, NM7N Awarded each year to YL\'s. Marte Wessel, K0EPE, acknowledges gifts and oversees store YLRL Presentation

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Contests YL/OM Contest in Feb - SSB/CW/Digital DX/NA YL Anniversary Contest Oct - SSB/CW/Digital YL Yearly Contests YL Birthday Contest for 2010 Contest keeps running from Jan to Dec Other YL Contests C.L.A.R.A.- Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association, in March A.L.A.R.A.- Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association constantly last entire few days of August YLRL Presentation

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Nets Thursday Night SSB net at 0100 UTC on 20m and 0130 UTC 40m YL Tangle Net, Thurs., 1800 UTC on 14.298 MHz YL Roses Net, Mon., 1800 UTC on 28.433 MHz YL Open House, Wed., 1900 UTC (1800 spring and summer) on 14.288 MHz Local YL Net? NONE! How about we begin one! YLRL Presentation

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QRV - I Am Ready Joining YLRL - applications accessible today and online at the YLRL site YLRL site: www.ylrl.org Currently being updated (numerous pages are "under development" as of now) Form a nearby net? How about we talk! Partake in YLRL national/global nets and challenges YLRL Presentation

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QRV - I Am Ready Questions? YLRL Presentation

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QRV - I Am Ready "33" YLRL Presentation

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