Y.M.PATIL RAMAN RESEARCH Establishment BANGALORE – 560 080. WORKSHOP ON Fashioning Community oriented Organizations : CO.

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CONSORTIA Endeavors Y.M.PATIL RAMAN RESEARCH Organization BANGALORE – 560 080. WORKSHOP ON Producing Community oriented Organizations : CONSORTIUM OF LIBRARIES OF DAE Foundations, JULY 28-30, 2003. TIFR, MUMBAI AN Involvement WITH FORSA LIBRARIES Presentation:
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INTRODUCTION: Due to increment in expense of diaries and cut in membership of titles, library experts have started a few measures in sharing data assets by method for co-agent acquisitions, between library credits and supply of photocopies. This was fine similarly as print media concerned. Rise of data innovation has changed data taking care of exercises at all levels, viz. Distributers, go-betweens, library experts and clients. Print releases are changed over into e – versions. Both are accessible for membership with extra expenses for e – access. This upgraded expense for e – diaries which is extra weight to diminishing library spending plans. This pattern constrained curators to search for ways and intends to subscribe most extreme diaries with sensible expenses, with better get to and there developed consortia idea.

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FORUM FOR RESOURCE SHARING IN ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS (FORSA): It was set up in 1981 and chalked out arrangements and techniques for library co-operation, asset sharing and created instruments vital, relating to print media. Individuals from FORSA are : IIA, IUCAA, NCRA, PRL, RRI, TIFR, SO and CASA-OU . Taking after are the advancements among FORSA libraries. All libraries have computerized their accumulations Facilitate e-access to diaries Actively take an interest in asset sharing Document conveyance (email, fax and rate post) Database converging of all libraries possessions To take an interest in “Virtual Observatory” venture in bolster/supply of data Consortia arrangement for imparting E –journals and databases to distributers like Kluwer, Nature Publishing, IOP, and so on. We have gone into two consortia arrangement, viz. Indian Astrophysics Consortium-with KLUWER, FORSA Consortium for Nature On - Line – with Nature Publishing.

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INDIAN ASTROPHYSICS CONSORTIUM: Participants: IIA, IUCAA, RRI, SO, and HCRI. This is a consortium with homogeneity of subject gathering - Astronomy and Astrophysics and arranged permitting with the accompanying terms and conditions: Single installment by one of the member or through an operators and permit must be marked by all and to keep up same membership level; Initial least membership was for four diaries with 10% e – access charges yet decreased to two diaries accordingly expanding e – access charges to 12%. The condition ought to be adaptable in future to incorporate individuals who don\'t have any single diary, and prepared to pay a non-membership punishment.

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SALIENT FEATURES OF THE CONSORTIUM: Small gathering of homogeneous, similarly invested experts has encouraged better correspondence and comprehension in the middle of distributers and a specialists ; and an operators issuing individual receipt; single installment, marking permit by individual library. This model encouraged cross e – access to all print diaries subscribed. Individuals are not troubled with minimal interest diaries, which generally is a standard offer of “ packaged ” diaries from distributers. Institutional utilization insights is given intermittently, viz. Week by week, fortnightly and month to month It was a “ win-win ” circumstance for both distributers and consortium members as far as the diminished expense of electronic access to e – diaries and expanded volume of offers for distributers.

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MINOR PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED: It was a lady wander for FORSA. In any case we didn\'t have set up rules/methods to go into consortium arrangement. We needed to experience a mediator for single installment. At a last stage, one more part was included with titles outside the domain of characterized branch of knowledge, in this way weakening beginning goal of consortium development. We must put down each terms and conditions in composing in order to maintain a strategic distance from any disagreeable thing coming at a later date. The consortium individuals ought to be more composed and formal to pick the individuals. All members ought to be educated with respect to any choices taken This could be a sign to future consortia arrangements. As of now, the distributers don\'t bolster a total diary report for the consortium and this usefulness will be given at a later date.

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NATURE ON–LINE SUBSCRIPTION : Participants: IIA, IUCAA, NCRA, PRL, RRI and JNCASR. This is a consortium of homogeneous gathering arranged authorizing for on-line access. This is a model for single title which is most noteworthy e – diary for all members. All libraries have subscribed this diary via AIRMAIL yet conceded on – line access because of extravagant expense (BP 1200.00). All individuals consented to have on – line access under consortium membership at diminished expense.

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On preparatory enquiry, distributers offered two estimating models as takes after: OPTION 1: Users between 1 TO 999 with six locales: The essential cost is BP 1350.00 and BP 250.00 for each extra site. Fundamental cost 1350.00 Additional 1250.00. 250 x 5 2600.00 . Fetched per site is 2600/6 = 433.33 or say BP. 434.00 . Alternative 2: Between 1000 and 2000 clients and six locales: Basic cost 2750.00 Additional 1250.00 250 x 5 3950.00 Cost for each site is 3950.00/6 = BP 658.00.

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THE FOLLOWING WERE PARTICIPANTS RESPONSES BASED ON PRICE OPTIONS: Initially we were not certain about what number of libraries prone to join the consortium. Is there any concession for PRINT + On – Line membership? Consortium cost BP 434.00 is too high contrasted with numerous different distributers and it is verging on equivalent to print cost. Thus, fundamental cost and extra site charges be lessened keeping in perspective little client bunch; There ought to be one more choice of estimating with clients under 500. The alternative for 500 is workable with FORSA Group with less charge contrasted with Option 1. We may need to include some more individuals under the consortium with a specific end goal to decrease the expense keeping in view the alternatives given.

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BASED ON DISCUSSION, FOLLOWING POINTS EMERGED: There is no adjustment in expense, as valuing model is all inclusive and OPTION 1 is material to FORSA consortium. Print and on – line memberships are particular elements and are not clubbed for consortium membership. One receipt, single installment and one of the member needs to consent to the permit arrangement To defeat the above bother, it is allowable to experience a membership specialists for consortium membership.

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WITH FURTHER DISCUSSIONS/NEGOTIATIONS, CERTAIN POINTS WERE CONSIDERED IN ORDER TO GET CONSORTIUM SUCCESSFUL: All members will get receipts and to be settled inside of a sensible period; To profit on – line access through consortium under FORSA, there must be some lawful element of the gathering, which is taking multi site permitting. Thus somebody among the members needs to consent to the permit arrangement for the benefit of the FORSA individuals which was settled upon; When every member got receipt alongside permit assention structure for marking , then the issue of marking by one in the interest of all was succeed; Publishers additionally concurred for installment through an operators yet there is no rebate or commission under consortium On – line access depends on IP locations and every foundation needs to furnish with IP addresses alongside number of most extreme clients per site which will encourage concurrent access to on – line Nature; There is procurement to get institutional utilization measurements on month to month premise; according to distributers, this is a first Indian consortium for On – Line NATURE.

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Table 2: The accompanying table gives the expense variable and reserve funds under FORSA Consortium : We have paid 36% of non-consortium on-line cost or 79.6% of print (airmail) version, which is higher than typical expense of print release charged by the business distributers. The individuals who can not live with Nature, consortia cost is still middle of the road.

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CONCLUSIONS: Various library consortia models are developing and it is important to get presented to methodology for authorizing remembering arrangements with the distributers over the table. E – Journals have come to stay ipso facto library consortia. Consortia have turned into a survival unit for libraries. It might be specified here that the consortium with the members who have comparative interest/discipline/same title can work effectively contrasted with the ones where these variables are not the principle center. The experience of consortia under FORSA gave us further certainty to proceed in shaping some more consortia with different distributers. One must be a MILITANT LIBRARIA

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