Yo Going to Get Tapped G-Pooch!.

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A gathering of three or more persons who have a typical recognizing sign, ... Body Piercings. Indications of Gang Activity. Beside the incidental stacatto of programmed ...
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Yo Gonna Get Tapped G-Dog! On the other hand Gang Violence in the Adolescent Population

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Definition National Alliance of Gang Investigators in 2000 prescribed that all state and government bodies characterize a posse as: A gathering of three or more people who have a typical distinguishing sign, image or name who exclusively or on the whole take part in criminal action which makes an environment of apprehension and terrorizing. This incorporates adolescent acts that, if carried out by a grown-up, would be viewed as a wrongdoing.

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Epidemiology US Department of Justice for 1999 More than 26,000 posses dynamic in the US. Down 9% from 1998 Number of groups in Rural territories diminished 23% Number of posses in Suburban diminished 11% Number of packs in Small Cities diminished 19% Number of posses in Large Cities expanded 1%

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Epidemiology cont US Department of Justice for 1999 More than 840,500 dynamic group individuals in US. Increment 8% from 1998. Posse individuals in Rural ranges diminished 29% Gang individuals in Suburbia expanded 27% Gang individuals in Small Cities expanded 2% Gang individuals in Large Cities expanded 4%

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Who Are They? Ages 15-17 contain 26% 18-24 include half Ethnicity 47% Hispanic 31% African-American 13% Caucasian 7% Asian 2% Other ( ie Nerds, Hottentots, Canadians)

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Which Side of The Tracks? Social Class half Underclass 35% Working Class 12% Middle Class 3% Upper Crust

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What Do They Do? Hold Bake Sales??? Savage Offenses most predominant include: Larceny Theft Aggravated Assault Burglary/Breaking and Entering 46% of posse individuals are included in medication trafficking 40% of all packs were sorted out exclusively with the end goal of appropriating medications

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Why Ya Blowin Smack my direction Homes? Military has seen ascend in group related action Ft Bragg, 2002, Gang related killings over medication exchange Ft Bragg, December 1996 Racially roused Double murder of dark couple by 3 White Supremacists Ft Bragg, Summer 1997, 10 Black fighters beat white officer into a trance like state Ft Riley, 1996, Two twofold crimes in under 1 year, posse related Ft Hood, 1997, Female expert indicted terrorizing of bosses with death dangers, two numbers of attack and one include of connivance running pack cell and issuing contracts for twofold manslaughter. Ft Meade, 2000, Latin Kings individuals discovered enrolling on post Ft Carson, Ft Lewis posse related medication rings uncovered

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DoD Policy on Gang Membership

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Whoops!!! As of now, none of the administrations have controls administering whether administration individuals can be pack individuals. The Closest Regulation of any Branch is Army Reg 600-20 passage 4-12,A: Military work force must reject cooperation in fanatic associations and exercises… Technically a trooper can be an open individual from a pack.

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What Do We Do?! Stop, Drop and Roll?? Perceive the Risk Factors for Gang Involvement Identify indications of Gang Activity

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Risk Factors for Involvement in Gangs Adolescents ( for all intents and purposes the whole junior enrolled part) Drugs Alcohol Lack of Family Support Lower Socio-monetary status Access to Firearms Poor School Performance Tattoos Body Piercings

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Signs of Gang Activity Aside from the periodic stacatto of programmed weapons shoot in your neighborhood, what would it be advisable for you to search for? Graffitti: Experts concur that once "labeling" is unmistakable, pack action has been available for no less than 6 months Recurring shading designs in attire styles… not to incorporate pink Individuals wearing more gold than can be exchanged lawfully on the share trading system

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Signs cont Individuals who "hand blaze" or "sign". Not to be mistaken for gesture based communication Individuals who drive costly autos, wear name brand dress, dependably have money available, however you know they don\'t have a vocation Tattoos: Each tat has a significance

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America\'s Most Wanted Maryland Crips, Skinheads, Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, Asian Boyz, Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerilla Family Virginia Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, Five Percenters, 18 th Street Gang

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Latin Kings

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Latin Kings

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Gangster Disciples Splinter Group from Bloods

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G-Dogs cont

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Vice Lords Splinter Group from Crips

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Lords cont

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Knowing Is Half The Battle But… Unfortunately pack individuals are not generally obvious. Furthermore, posse action is not generally extremely self-evident… .so what do you do? Separate holding up room into group and non-pack part territories. Go covert yourself to discover the scoop. Smoke a bong, eat a twinkie and think genuine profound man. Watch X-Files in light of the fact that the fact of the matter is out there. Screen you understanding populace.

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FISTS Fights what number battles in past year Injuries Have you been harmed in a battle or harmed another person Sexual Violence Have you ever been compelled to engage in sexual relations without wanting to Threats Have you ever been debilitated Self-Defense Have you ever conveyed a weapon to ensure yourself Gangs Are you or do you know any individual who is a group part

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Resources Local Law Enforcement Military Family Resource Center (703) 696-9053 DoD Office of Family Policy Strategic Youth Action Plan Military Teens on the Move, www.ditcaw.dtic.mil/mtom

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The Homies Would Like To Thank Dr. Anisha Abraham for assets in abundance My significant other, Nathalie Coleman for keeping up the "punks" in my nonattendance And to G-Money who gave me some knowledge years prior into the pack society

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