You Will Get a kick out of the chance To Know This Man.

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MUHAMMAD is the best of all Prophets and religious identities. ... From agnosticism and heathen worship to SUBMISSION to the One True God, ...
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You Will Like To Know This Man

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Who is he ? Sketch artists make mean cartoons of him Wise men worship him as an incredible man Over a billion* take the stand is the Messenger of God *1,126,325,000

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Encyclopedia BRITANNICA ".... A mass of point of interest in the early sources demonstrate that he was a fair and upright man who had picked up the appreciation and faithfulness of other people who resembled insightful legitimate and upright men." (Vol. 12) MUHAMMAD is the best of all Prophets and religious identities. "

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GEORGE BERNARD SHAW I have constantly held the religion of MUHAMMAD in high estimation as a result of its great imperativeness. It is the main religion, which appears to me to have that absorbing ability to the changing period of presence, which can make itself engage each age.

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GEORGE BERNARD SHAW I have examined him - the awesome man and as I would like to think for from being a hostile to Christ, he should be known as the Savior of Humanity ." "I trust that if a man like him were to expect the fascism of the cutting edge world he would succeed in taking care of its issues in a way that would present to it the truly necessary peace and bliss:

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GEORGE BERNARD SHAW I have forecasted about the confidence of MUHAMMAD that it is adequate to the Europe of tomorrow as it is being satisfactory to the Europe of today." If any religion had the possibility of decision over England, nay Europe inside the following hundred years, it could be Islam." (Sir George Bernard Shaw in \'The Genuine Islam,\' Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.)

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He did it… He was by a wide margin the most wonderful man that ever set foot on this planet He lectured a religion, established a state, manufactured a country, set out an ethical code, started various social and political changes He built up an intense and element society to hone and speak to his lessons and totally upset the universes of human thought and conduct for all times to come Yes, he was Prophet MUHAMMAD (pbuh)

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His Mission Impossible He was conceived in Arabia in the year 570, began his main goal of lecturing the religion of Truth, Islam (accommodation to One God) at forty years old and left from this world at the age of sixty-three. Amid this brief time of 23 years of his Prophet hood, he changed the complete Arabian promontory

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His Mission Impossible From agnosticism and worshipful admiration to SUBMISSION to the One True God, From tribal squabbles and wars to national solidarity and union, From tipsiness and revelry to temperance and devotion , From disorder and rebellion to taught living , From absolute chapter 11 to the most noteworthy models of good incredibleness.

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His Mission Impossible Human history has never known such a complete change of a general public or a spot before or since IMAGINE all these mind blowing ponders in JUST OVER TWO DECADES.

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REV. REGINALD BOSWORTH SMITH, "He was Caesar and Pope in one; however he was Pope without Pope\'s demands, Caesar without the armies of Caesar: without a standing armed force, without a bodyguard, without a royal residence, without a settled income; if at any time any man had the privilege to say that he administered by the right heavenly, it was Mohammed, for he had all the force without its instruments and without its supports."

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MICHAEL H. HART, when he positioned him 1 st in the rundown composed : "My decision of Muhammad to lead the rundown of the world\'s most powerful people may shock a few perusers and might be addressed by others, however he was the main man in history who was remarkably fruitful on both the religious and mainstream levels." THE 100: A RANKING OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONS IN HISTORY, New York, 1978, p. 33)

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NEPOLEAN BONAPARTE, I trust the time is not far-removed when I should have the capacity to join all the astute and instructed men of the considerable number of nations and set up a uniform administration in view of the standards of Qur\'an which alone are valid and which alone can lead men to joy. Cited IN CHRISTIAN CHERFILS\' BONAPARTE ET ISLAM (PARIS 1914)

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LAMAR TINE, The prestigious antiquarian, talking on the essentials of human significance ponders: "If enormity of reason, littleness of means and surprising results are the three criteria of human virtuoso, who could set out to think about any incredible man in current history than MUHAMMAD ?

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LAMAR TINE, The most well known men made arms, laws and domains as it were. They established, on the off chance that anything by any stretch of the imagination, close to material forces which frequently disintegrated away before their eyes. This man moved armed forces, enactment, realms, people groups and administrations, as well as a great many men in 33% of the then possessed world; and more than that, he moved the sacred places, the divine beings, the religions, the thoughts, the convictions and souls....

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LAMAR TINE, His patience in triumph, his desire, which was totally committed to one thought and in no way taking a stab at a realm; His unlimited petitions, his spiritualist discussions with God, his passing and his triumph after death; all these bear witness to not to an imposture but rather to a firm conviction which gave him the ability to reestablish a creed.

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LAMAR TINE, Philosopher, speaker, missionary, official, warrior, victor of thoughts, restorer of levelheaded authoritative opinions, of a religion without pictures, the originator of twenty earthbound domains and of one profound realm, that is MUHAMMAD . As respects every one of the models by which Human Greatness might be measured, we may well ask, IS THERE ANY MAN GREATER THAN HE ?" (ALPHONSE DE LAMAR TINE, HISTOIRE DE LA TURQUIE, PARIS, 1854, VOL. II, PP 276-277)

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The world has had its offer of extraordinary identities. Be that as it may, these were uneven figures who separated themselves in yet maybe a couple fields, for example, religious thought or military administration. The lives and lessons of these extraordinary identities of the world are covered in the fog of time.

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. There is such a great amount of theory about the time and place of their introduction to the world, the mode and style of their life, the nature and subtle element of their lessons and the degree and measure of their prosperity or disappointment that it is outlandish for humankind to remake precisely the lives and lessons of these men.

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PROFESSOR HURGRONJE, "The association of countries established by the prophet of Islam put the rule of worldwide solidarity and human fraternity on such general establishments as to show flame to different countries." He proceeds with: "The truth is that no country of the world can demonstrate a parallel to what Islam has done towards the acknowledgment of the possibility of the League of Nations ."

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EDWARD GIBBON and SIMON OCKLEY , "I Believe In One God, & MUHAMMAD , An Apostle Of God\' is the basic and constant calling of Islam." The scholarly picture of the Deity has never been corrupted by any obvious symbol; the honor of the Prophet has never transgressed the measure of human excellencies; and his living statutes have limited the appreciation inside the limits of reason and religion." (HISTORY OF THE SARACEN EMPIRES, London, 1870, p. 54)

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THOMAS CARLYLE in his book HEROES AND HEROWORSHIP "The lies (Western criticism) which good natured enthusiasm has stacked round this man ( MUHAMMAD ) are offensive to ourselves just… How one man without any assistance, could weld warring tribes and meandering Bedouins into a most effective and cultivated country in under two decades… .A noiseless extraordinary soul, one of that who can\'t however be sincere. He was to ignite the world, the world\'s Maker had requested so."

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Nothing more than an individual MUHAMMAD (pbuh) was nothing pretty much than a person. Be that as it may, he was a man with a honorable mission, which was to join humankind on the accommodation to ONE and ONLY GOD and to show them the best approach to perfect and upright living in light of the summons of God. He generally portrayed himself as , \'A Servant & Messenger of God,\' thus in fact each activity of his declared to be.

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Nothing more than a person The world has not dithered to raise to heavenly nature, people whose lives and missions have been lost in legend. Verifiably, none of these legends accomplished even a small amount of what MUHAMMAD (pbuh) fulfilled. And all his endeavoring was for the sole motivation behind joining humankind for the love of One God on the codes of good magnificence.

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Nothing more than an individual MUHAMMAD (peace be up on him) achieved such a great amount in such different fields of human thought and conduct in the fullest burst of mankind\'s history. Everything about his private life and open articulations has been precisely archived and dependably saved to our day. The authenticities of the record so safeguarded are vouched for by the devoted adherents as well as even by his partial faultfinders.

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MAHATMA GANDHI, says in \'Youthful India\'.. "I needed to know the best of one who holds today\'s undisputed influence over the hearts of a huge number of humanity.. I turned out to be more than persuaded that it was not the sword that won a spot for Islam in those days in the plan of life. It was the unbending straightforwardness, the utter self-destruction of the Prophet the trustworthy respect for vows, his bravery, his boldness, his outright trust in God and in his own central goal… ."

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SAROJINI NAIDU , the acclaimed Indian poetess says … "It was the principal religion that lectured and honed popular government; for, in the mosque, when the call for petition is sounded and admirers are assembled, the majority rules system of Islam is typified five times each day when the worker and ruler stoop one next to the other and declare: \'God Alone is Great\'... (S.NAIDU, IDEALS OF ISLAM, VIDE SPEECHES & WRITINGS, MADRAS, 1918)

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ANNIE BESANT in The Life & Teaching of MUHAMMAD says "It is unthinkable for any individual who examines the life & cha

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