Youngster wellbeing, CAMHS and maternity administration mapping.

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Kid wellbeing, CAMHS and maternity administrations. 13 administration sorts in tyke ... Expects to catch interest in youngster wellbeing, CAMHS and maternity administrations ...
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Youngster wellbeing, CAMHS and maternity administration mapping A review of the mapping procedure 2007/8

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What we will cover today: An indication of what we delineate, Finance and Organizational issues Getting started Assigning a mapping facilitator, enlistment and setting up administration bunches What you can do to set yourself up over October Using the Sandbox and perusing manuals Data Inputting Questions for administrations and officials Healthcare Commission Requirements Sign off and Evaluation Using On line Reports for your data

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What is mapped? Youngster wellbeing, CAMHS and maternity administrations 13 administration sorts in kid wellbeing 2 administration sorts in maternity 5 group sorts in CAMHS For every administration inquiries are asked on: Who gives the administration Specialisms, capacities and center Location and catchment zone Workforce Progress against approach objectives CAMHS gather information on caseload for a specimen period Healthcare Commission segment

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Finance mapping Aims to catch interest in kid wellbeing, CAMHS and maternity administrations Actual spend in 2006/7 Predicted spending plan in 2007/8 Commissioning courses of action Who administrations are appointed from (the suppliers) Spend on individual consideration Out of territory treatment Spot buying Continuing consideration

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Other parts of mapping vast inquiries Progress on strategy usage Features of charging Performance markers Healthcare Commission Local power CAMHS PIs gathered for Ofsted

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Set up

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PCT Mapping Lead Assistant Service procurement Commissioning Finance PCT just LA (CAMHS just) Service Group Head Child wellbeing Service Group Head Maternity Service

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Other NHS trusts Mapping Lead Assistant Service Group Head Child clinic Service Group Head Children\'s people group Service Group Head Maternity Service

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Mental wellbeing NHS trust Mapping Lead Assistant Service Group Head CAMHS association Service Group Head CAMHS Tier 4 Service

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Registration One individual registers Select association and give contact points of interest Role incorporates Setting up a right hand (where fitting) Setting up gathering heads Allocate administration passages to gatherings Defining the PCTs the mapping return will cover Completing the association wide poll or assigning it Co-ordinating the activity and guaranteeing it is finished and closed down

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Setting up and overseeing administration bunches

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Building up the trust patches

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far reaching survey Includes questions on: Commissioning of a scope of administrations CAMHS key procurement Designated experts and co-ordinators in post Safeguarding Child wellbeing advancement Health value review/needs appraisal Public wellbeing techniques Participation in arranging fora

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Preparing for information inputting

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Service mapping changes Format Shorter yet more pages to survey Expanding questions Status bar to let you know how far you are from culmination Content Map different administration procurement Dedicated sessions/staff for BME people group, particular sexual orientation and LGBT ECM results Banded ages Additional inquiries on diabetes, epilepsy, breastfeeding Integration of staff – outline group – report accomplice organizations

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Sandbox in "Help"

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Sandbox - acquaintance Expanding Click on ?

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Service sort - multi decision

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Expanding questions

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Dedicated sessions or staff

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Manuals for utilization of site

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Data inputting

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Log on page

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Choose authoritative part Choose your part here

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Service suppliers Check that the rundown of administrations is finished Delegate administration polls to administration administrators for fruition as proper Revise every administration survey Ensuring the new inquiries are addressed Year particular inquiries are addressed Staffing is redesigned Look at the outline report for your association and check the information Confirm every poll is finished Confirm consummation with Mapping Lead/on site

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Commissioners Commissioning courses of action List any appointing bunches List the associations who give the administrations dispatched Complete an authorizing/arranging poll Complete money related spreadsheets One for every magistrate/supplier Disaggregated to administration sort Estimate if vital Give wellspring of financing if known Check information on synopsis report Confirm fulfillment on site

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Healthcare Commission Requirements

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Data Collection for the Healthcare Commission Small arrangement of inquiries apportioned and marked particularly for the Healthcare Commission Requires Chief Executive close down Data must be precise and put together by 28 th February No confirmation period – information as at 28 th February goes to HC Data bolsters into Annual Health Check Covers staff preparing, knowledge and numbers 4

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Background - Services for Children in Hospital Powerful report – Safety/Quality of consideration – distributed Feb 07 Explains basis for 11 Indicators chose for follow-up over the principle ranges of administer to 10 pointers assembled through CHM to decrease duplication (one is through HES) Pilot information gathering the previous winter Collecting for genuine this time -with gaining from pilot

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Changes from Pilot HC accumulation Separate segment particularly for these information Clarity over denominator information – characterizing which staff incorporated into administration headcount Field checks requiring positive information section (no spaces) Clear notes next to every inquiry Updated online FAQ Reminders, warnings and check

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Emergency consideration and Day case care Nurse preparing levels (vital and vital) Outpatient care Chi ldren\'s medical attendant nearness Whole trust Play staff numbers Surgery Surgeon preparing levels Anesthetist preparing levels No of specialists working on under 100 youngsters/year Anesthetists doing v. low levels of youngsters\' work % anesthetizing newborn children under 6 months The Indicators Details –

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Sign Off

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Sign off and assessment Group heads finish their areas Check the rundown report of the information submitted Mapping lead closes down entire activity CEO closes down any information that will be utilized for execution purposes Please finish an assessment survey

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Service procurement and appointing general close down reports page

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Examples of supplier synopses

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Key dates for 2007/8 1 st November 2007 - site open for information inputting 1 st Nov to 30 th November caseload information gathering period for CAMHS groups conveying levels 2 and 3 30 th November 2007 – statistics day for administrations in operation and staffing 28 th February 2008 – end of information accumulation. 17.00 hours due date for information that is to be submitted to Healthcare Commission The helpdesk will be accessible all through the information inputting period: 9.30 – 4.30 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and 9.30-1.00 Wed

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Useful data Web address: Helpdesk: 0191 334 1489 National Lead: Claire Thomson

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Using On line Reports

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Using the reporting includes Live tables outlining information Restriction/benchmarking device Regional reports Locality reports Local index office

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Report page Choose sort of report needed

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Choosing a gathering of reports 1. Select the report you need to see

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Choose report view 1. Pick report 2. Pick here how you might want to see the report, i.e. by SHA 3. Clicking here will evacuate any clear columns, making the report less demanding to peruse 4. Get report

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View by administration sort Drill down to take a gander at administrations

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Report confinements & correlations Select comparators from this rundown

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Select gatherings to think about/whole 1. Make a gathering for correlation or outline 2. Click on submit

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Group individuals recorded Now, go to the reports page Type of gathering Group individuals

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Group report

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Regional reports Choose the district Choose the configuration

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Service registry

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Directory look

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Text catalog

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Local PCT profile Contents: Introducing the PCT and Children\'s Partnership Expenditure and money Service procurement Themed reports Service index Mapping outlines and reports

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