Your accomplice for internationalization Bishkek – September 24 th , 2009 Alessandra Mariani.

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Your accomplice for internationalization Bishkek – September 24 th , 2009 Alessandra Mariani SIMEST Mission: To advance the internationalization of Italian organizations Exercises : Minority value interests in Italian speculations abroad Backing for internationalization activities
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Your accomplice for internationalization Bishkek – September 24 th , 2009 Alessandra Mariani

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SIMEST Mission: To advance the internationalization of Italian organizations Activities : Minority value investments in Italian speculations abroad Support for internationalization activities Assistance and consultative administrations

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SIMEST Active since December 1991 Member of EDFI ( European Development Finance Institutions) EU budgetary go-between Shareholders Ministry for the Economic Development (76%) Italian Banks Industrial and entrepreneurial Associations

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Figures (31.07.2007) euro 165 mln Own capital Headquarters Rome Staff 160 Professionals Track Record: Number of Projects Approved 1023 Financial Support for firms (subsequent to Jan.1999) Number of shareholdings obtained 4.188 558 Operations affirmed Total ventures 22.078 €/mln Euro 39.522 mln Amount Number of ventures stripped 312

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Geographical appropriation of speculation 31.08.2009 Number of shareholdings procured 558 Countries 66

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Distribution of shareholdings gained by segment

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We are creating undertakings in Industrial and Logistic Areas or Free Zones helping speculations of Italian grouping Preferred components needed for the zone\'s determination: Investment atmosphere Taxation administration Integrated arrangement of logistics, rail streets and ports Competitive business sector for the Italian organizations Purpose: Facilitate the setting up thank to turn key arrangements Advise organizations in the improvement of an assembling chain as a mechanical region Logistic incorporated with modern park advances enduring ventures, cuts time and expenses, offers a tremendous and simple achieve market

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We are working with: Local foundations and improvement offices Local elements dealing with the recreation center Companies putting resources into JV or straightforwardly Italian Industrial Development Consortium Financial foundations (International, Italian or nearby) Business and Industrial Associations … now in the accompanying Countries: Egypt ( Robbiki Leather City) China (Tianjin) Kazakhstan ( Aktau ) Ukraine ( Lviv )

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SIMEST’s part Being a main\'s piece performing artists and being included from the earliest starting point Assessing conceivable tasks and helping with the readiness of attainability studies Assisting in money related building, additionally distinguishing suitable wellsprings of neighborhood and/or global account Taking direct value interest of the overseeing organization of the zone Identifying venture opportunities and potential neighborhood accomplices trough the business scouting administration Taking part to the match making between the gatherings Advising on lawful and corporate matters concerning the foundation of remote organizations

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Setting up an organization abroad Italian organization exercises SIMEST bolster Search for business opportunities Business Scouting Economic and monetary investigation Feasibility Study Subsidized advances L.D.143/1998 Setting up of the Joint Venture Equity investment and administration of VC trusts Interest rate bolster Law 100/1990 Personnel preparing and specialized help Subsidized advances L.D.143/1998

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Commercial and different exercises Italian organization exercises SIMEST bolster Market infiltration projects Subsidized credits Law 394/1981 Exports of capital merchandise Interest rate adjustment L.D.143/1998

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Other SIMEST’s exercises Technical help to outside governments for private division improvement ( Egitto , Argentina, Serbia and Montenegro) Pilot ventures for business collaboration (Albania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania) Management of investment stores Instrumental value cooperations (banks, renting organizations, exchanging organizations, others) Agreements with IFIs and other I talian/universal establishments (EBRD, EIB, IFC, MIGA, BID/MIF, ECAs,…) Presence in Italian R egional O ffices (one-stop shops) for internationalization

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For any additional data: Tel +39 06 68635.427 fax +39 06 68635.458 .:tslides

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