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Your toolset incorporates: Worldwide Law News The Universal Legal advisor + The Year-in-Survey The "Books" Program Advisory group Pamphlets Global Law Understudy News Worldwide Law News The Area of Worldwide Law's quarterly bulletin with spotlight on current improvements in
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Your toolset incorporates: International Law News The International Lawyer + The Year-in-Review The “Books” Program Committee Newsletters International Law Student News

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International Law News The Section of International Law’s quarterly bulletin with spotlight on current advancements in global law. *** Russell Kerr, Editor-in-Chief

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International Law News Special issue “Focus” articles Chair’s segment Case Developments Section news World bar news City Survival Guides

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International Law News *Are you a pro in the “Focus” region of the law? *Do you have a newsworthy article that universal law experts need to think about? *Do you need to set up yourself as a specialist inside of your field? *Has a court/tribunal issued an imperative choice that progressions the law in your field of practice? Assuming this is the case, YOU CAN WRITE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL LAW NEWS!

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The International Lawyer (“TIL”) The Section of International Law’s academic quarterly diary. *** Patricia Heard

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“TIL” themes *trade *licensing *direct venture *finance *taxation *litigation *dispute determination *public global law

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The Year-In Review (“YIR”) A stand-alone issue of “TIL” *** Beverly Durã©us *** Mark Wojcik *** “Bill” Mock

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“The Year-in-Review” Important dates By October 1 : select a “Year-in-Review” board of trustees proofreader + tell SMU at By October 15 : distinguish writers (individuals from your council) who will compose the committee’s Year-in-Review article

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“The Year-in-Review”- - Important dates By December 1 (strict due date ): Submit your FINAL 7,000-word Year-in-Review article to YIR Co-General Editors: Mark Wojcik at Bill Mock at Submit “Publication Agreements” for EACH contributing writer to: Submit the “Contributing Authors Form” with right writer name + contact data to:

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Book Program The Section of International Law’s Books Program is an indispensable piece of effort exercises, our capacity to teach legal counselors on substantive points, and backing the money related objectives of the Section.

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Book Signings at Seasonal Meetings

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How to Get Started 3 Issues: Book Proposal Form “The Business Case” Royalties

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ABA PUBLISHING PROPOSAL FORM ************************************************************************ Proposal submitted by: Address: City/State/Zip: Business Phone: Home Phone: E-Mail: Fax Number: A. CONTENT INFORMATION OF THE PROPOSED BOOK: 1. Working title: ___________________________________________________ 2. Quickly depict your proposed book ___________________________________________________ 3. At what level will the topic be dealt with?  Beginner  Intermediate  Advanced   4. Do you know of some other distributions that cover the same or comparable topic? If you don\'t mind list them………

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Committee Newsletters The Section’s Committee Newsletters are an interfacing point to convey significant board of trustees data to our individuals. Do you need assistance?? *** Tally White

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International Law Student News The new production of the Law Student, LL.M., and New Lawyer Outreach Committee of the ABA Section of International Law. It is distributed in electronic shape and found on the Section’s Student Headquarters page.

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