Youth Suicide Drugs Theory Overview .

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Youth Suicide and Medications Hypothesis and Outline. Drugs have capacity Concoction impacts Association between medication use and suicide Classifications and elements of self-damage and self-destructive practices What's being finished. Youth Suicide and Medications are Utilitarian. Fun, experimentation, 'top seekers' Adapting
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Youth Suicide & Drugs Theory & Overview Drugs have work Chemical impacts Connection between medication utilize & suicide Categories & elements of self-mischief & self-destructive practices What\'s being done

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Youth Suicide & Drugs are Functional Fun, experimentation, \'pinnacle searchers\' Coping \'Trough avoiders\' (periodic/parcels) Developmental development postponed Image, renown & notoriety (control) Social Functioning Self-medicine melancholy, ADHD, psychosis Other (eg money related, professional… ) Life-line (note hazard components)

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Youth Suicide & Drugs Chemical Effects Depressants Alcohol , Heroin , (Tranquilizers), Solvents Mixing Anti-depressants Withdrawal & bounce back impacts stimulants & depressants Cannabis upper ?? Bounce back impacts

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Youth Suicide & Drugs Connection Between Drugs & Suicide Method of suicide \'Dutch mettle\' : motivation control Drugs as essential technique Addiction issues Stuck, Withdrawal, - ve Cycle, "sad" Drug issues (4Ls - absence of accomplishment) wellbeing (mental & physical) connections (family, significant other & companions) settlement, monetary, employment training & amusement lawful

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Youth Suicide & Drugs Categories of Risk, Self-hurt, Suicide Meaning & work behind suicide Overt self-destructive ideation &/or conduct end life; escape torment & probs; get even Self-hurt express agony, discharge, consideration (eg solvents) I couldn\'t care less about existence hazard taking keep away from choice, inconsiderate I don\'t recognize the dangers: liquor & tobacco I do think about existence chance taking inadvertent demise/ability in going out on a limb

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Youth Suicide & Drugs No Fear "We go out on a limb Not to escape life But to avoid life Escaping us"

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Youth Suicide & Drugs What\'s being done WA Suicide Prevention Strategy (Youth Suicide Advisory Committee) advance prosperity early distinguishing proof & help emergency bolster & treatment bolster after suicide investigate

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Youth Suicide & Drugs Risk Factors Young individuals with: Previous suicide endeavor Substance utilize Justice framework Mental ailment Rural & remote (male) Aboriginal Gay men & ladies Young men

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Youth Suicide & Drugs Protective Factors Social Factors Supportive & minding system of family & companions Healthy physical condition Positive school encounter Community bolster accessible Personal Resources Social character & having a place Self-worth Decision making, prob solv & fundamental abilities Positive perspective of future

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Youth Suicide & Drugs What\'s being done Holistic Approach Involve everyone (gov, non-gov, business, ldag, - tranquilize serve & WADASO, Health arrangement unit) SDEP & "In Touch" Practice Development Project - CBS & FCS, Youth, Aboriginal & Prison Sectors Best Practice Manual for medication laborers (screening, chance components, mediation)

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Youth Suicide & Drugs What\'s being done Intensive Support Program Inter-office case administration Diversion programs State dissolvable manhandle arrange Parent programs GP bolster program Doctor-shopping program Sports Partnerships Grief aggregates My Dream - Child to Child program

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Youth Suicide & Drugs Summary Drugs are useful - realize what the capacity is & cook for it before & diminishing medication Different classifications of suicide Consider concoction impacts Routinely screen for Drug Issues Suicidal conduct (strategy/best practice) Risk & defensive variables Supervision/meeting WEB

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