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Young Sport Ambassadors.

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Young Sport Ambassadors The Roles of the Young Ambassador: To encourage others to take part in physical activity. To let others know about sport in the area. To promote the Olympics and Paralympics. To be role models for other young people. SPORT LEGACY HOW? Festivals Competitions
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Youthful Sport Ambassadors

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The Young's Roles Ambassador: To urge others to partake in physical movement. To tell others about game in the territory. To advance the Olympics and Paralympics. To be good examples for other youngsters.

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SPORT LEGACY HOW? Celebrations Competitions Training sessions-Assist instructing in educational programs time OSHL Clubs Assemblies Workshops Increase support and sound living of other youngsters

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Some of the things Young Ambassadors have done as a major aspect of their parts this term…..

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St Pauls Young Ambassadors served to sort out an outward bound outing where they joined in numerous difficulties, for example, pontoon building, conviction-based move. On the following slide you will see a photo of what they got up to.

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All Y.A.’s in the Bishop Wand School Sports Partnership have been into neighborhood grade school to advance their part

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Teaching things like….. Netball Rugby Hockey Multiskills

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THINGS WE HAVE DONE IN SCHOOL..... Have games notification sheets to appear when preparing and matches are on, additionally to tell everybody what groups have been picked. Made notices to put around the school, appearing what game intends to us. Additionally made blurbs about solid living and the 2012 Olympic Games.

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EDUCATION LEGACY 1. Kinship Socialising….team work 2. RESPECT Referees…. rules 3. EXCELLENCE Achieving you're potential When advancing the Olympics and Paralympics we enlighten understudies concerning the Olympic andâ  Paralympic beliefs/values: We additionally speak a great deal about the Paralympics. As we don’t need it to be overlooked.

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HOW COULD OTHER YOUNG PEOPLE BE A PART OF IT? Create sport boards inside of schools Encourage companions to get included in game through training and support. Converse with members and supporters at games celebrations Promotion of games clubs that loved ones go to. Volunteering at games occasions e.g. Surrey youth amusements

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