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Versatile Commerce M-Commerce PowerPoint Presentation
Versatile Commerce M-Commerce

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Versatile Commerce M-Commerce

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  1. Mobile Commerce(M-Commerce)

  2. Objective • To understanding the basic of M-commerce • Benefit of M-commerce with small business • Know about technology that based on M-commerce • How to apply technology of M-commerce for business • Know about advantage and disadvantage of M-commerce

  3. Introduction Mobile commerce (M-commerce) is a type of e-commerce conducted through mobile devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other devices with a wireless connection. It is quite different from traditional of E-commerce.

  4. What is M-Commerce? • M-commerceis the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices. • M-Commerce is the process of paying for services using a mobile phone or personal organizer. • M-Commerce is the use of mobile devices to communicate, inform transact and entertain using text and data via a connection to public and private networks.

  5. Messaging services and information based m-commerce services • Cellular phone • Personal digital assistance(PDAs)

  6. M-commerce benefit • Your Internet offerings are easier and more convenient to access.  • You get considerable flexibility while conducting business.  • Transaction and personnel costs are reduced due to widespread automation of • back-office operations.  • Field staff is more effective as they have flexible access to back-office data. 

  7. Benefit for business For a small business could benefit from m-commerce. • Selling a product or service • Improving productivity

  8. Advantage • Offers many payment options • Push advertising, direct marketing. • More efficient and extensive service offered. • The Internet is going mobile

  9. Disadvantage • Expensive cost • Larger screens won’t be displayed is clear • Slow speed • Limited for longer message • It hard way to fill the data. • Security is not protected

  10. Example • Mobile banking • Mobile ticketing • Mobile marketing • Micro-payment

  11. Technology • Short message service(SMS) • Wireless application protocol (WAP) • Bluetooth • General Packet Radio Service(GPRS)

  12. Conclusion The core of m-commerce is the use of a terminal (telephone, PDA, PC device) and public mobile network to access information and conduct transactions that result in the transfer of value in exchange for information, services or goods. Mobile Commerce refers to any transaction with monetary value that is conducted via a mobile telecommunications network.

  13. Thank you so much