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headquarters update gulf 2000 l.
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Base camp Overhaul Bay 2000 PowerPoint Presentation
Base camp Overhaul Bay 2000

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Base camp Overhaul Bay 2000

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  1. Headquarters UpdateGulf 2000 Gulf Of Mexico Working Group May 9-11 Dallas, Texas

  2. Separation Reduction/Procedural • RVSM • OPS Con completed,,,,Two paragraphs • OPS Con to OSRWG, approval frees money for CBA • OSRWG is looking for GOMWG to state priorities (publication of strategic plan will help

  3. RNP-10 • GOMWG Project form completed • ASW letter concerning SENEAM request is in “trickle down” phase • 50 LONG • on the books now, requires equipage, 30min position verification capability

  4. Procedural Separation Initiatives • 18 Mile ICAO RNAV Standard for J86/58 replacement • AFS would issue new AC modeled on “T routes” AC • Non-radar use requirements similar to “T routes” • RNP-4…..Get outta here, we’ve got radar • Mid-Grid………Kingdom of the Tiltrotors • Fills in the cracks • New HQ “RNAV-GPS Routes Steering Group…finalize data collection on “T”s

  5. Separation Reduction/Surveillance • Platform Mounted Beacon Radar • Aerostats??? • Mexico/U.S. radar sharing • Multilateration for Mid Gulf/Mid Altitude Operations • ADS-B for the 12-24 Crowd

  6. Surveillance………ADS-A/C • ADS-A/C for Offshore • Possible Mid-2001 timeframe, after CAPSTONE ORD • Micro-EARTS Platform to Drive Automation • $1,000,000 approximate package cost/ground systems • “Radar-Like” addition to .65 to be signed by Administrator • CAPSTONE Clone • $17 K per aircraft for CAPSTONE aircraft

  7. Financial News • ATP/AAT/AND Budget Requests for Gulf of Mexico forwarded to FAA Budget Team Early April • Request was for “monies of opportunity” • Target frame was $38.5 mil over 5 FYs • Team searched non-mandated funding sources, identified $9.5 mil in 2001, $12.8 in 2002.($9.5 is added to $1.7 mil buoy monies already in 2001 budget for total of $11.2 mil) • AND confirmed amounts in 5/2 meeting • ATP/AAT/ATS endorsed Gulf enhancements

  8. Financial News • Requests still subject to Congressional markups • Request/Amount from FAA standpoint is locked/JRC must approve • ATA is lobbying hard for Congressional “lock-in” of funding + additional 2003 requests • We can’t spend it yet, but we can open the catalog • Focus now is….Who would get the money?

  9. IPT or Project Office? • During Meeting on 5/2 idea was floated to create a project office under AND • AUA would head Offshore ADS/Micro-EARTS implementation (after CAPSTONE) • AND would head platform effort, radar acquisition, wx upgrades, and comm upgrades for offshore/deepwater • AT person to liasion/co-ordinate groups under one project office residing in ASW

  10. Financial News • This is great news…. Thanks goes to ATA, ASW AT (Lozano’s Raiders) for briefings to the “1s and 2s” • We still need to press for… • funding mandate • project office/IPT • $14 million more spread over 2003-2005 (the sooner the better)

  11. Stone Chiseling Time • First, do we have consensus • GOMWG needs to identify/brief its finalized strategic plan • Infiltrate Project Office/IPT with GOMWG Operatives • “Farm out” short term procedural fixes to OSRWG/others • Clearly define what “we” want!!!

  12. Final Thought • “Why only buy 1, when you can get 3 for five times the price” Ronald Reagon