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Computerized Insight

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Computerized Insight

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  1. Digital Intelligence Empowering your people to work smarter and faster

  2. The Digital Revolution • The digital revolution has arrived …you experience it every day • IT and digital monitoring • Digital imaging modalities • All-digital hospitals – paperless, filmless, chartless

  3. What is Digital Intelligence? • The next generation of digital service and asset management tools from GE Medical Systems … designed to help your staff deliver higher quality, more cost-effective healthcare

  4. Digital Intelligence across your enterprise • Executives • Up-to-date utilization data to support quality improvement and cost control • Department Managers • Asset management and productivity tools to boost staff and equipment performance

  5. Digital Intelligence across your enterprise • Clinical staff • On-demand access to advanced applications and technical/clinical assistance • Biomedical staff • Time-saving e-tools to monitor, manage and maintain equipment

  6. Virtual Online Center IntelliMotion™ TiP® Virtual Assist InSite™Broadband iCenter™ iLinq™ AssetPlus™ TiP-TV™ OnDemand Digital Intelligence Tools

  7. InSite™ Broadband • Fast remote service for critical imaging devices • Up to 100x faster data transmission than dial-up • 24x7 support maximizes uptime • Advanced data encryption for data security DigitalIntelligence >> “always-on” service response

  8. iLinq™ • Interactive help button on system console • On-demand technical or applications assistance • Automatically transmits system diagnostics to GE Online Center • No need to stop the study or find a phone Digital Intelligence >> expert help just a click away

  9. Virtual Online Center Digital Intelligence >> your Field Engineer is always in touch • State-of-the-art remote service tools in the hands of your GE Field Engineer • Diagnose and repair your systems from anywhere in the world • Improved workflow, reduced downtime • Greater patient satisfaction

  10. IntelliMotion™ • Wireless tracking of wheelchairs, IV pumps and other mobile devices • Increase staff productivity • Improve asset utilization • Reduce rental costs Digital Intelligence >> optimizing access to vital equipment 

  11. AssetPlus™ • Timesaving e-tools to totally manage your clinical and non-clinical assets • Dashboards and customized reports • Key metrics and decision analytics • Facilitates regulatory compliance Digital Intelligence >> real-time data on all your assets

  12. iCenter™ Digital Intelligence >> hard numbers to improve productivity, control costs • Customizable portal to monitor operational data • Service and repair history • Service performance metrics • Viewable for multiple facilities

  13. TiP® Virtual Assist • Remote, interactive training and applications support • Live training session conducted by GE applications specialist via broadband • Simultaneous connection to system for hands-on training • Increased training convenience and flexibility Digital Intelligence >> state-of-the-art distance training

  14. TiP-TV™ OnDemand • Flexible Web access to CE, CME and CNE courses • When your staff wants … any time of day • Where your staff wants … work or home • Programs for techs, nurses, physicians, pharmacists Digital Intelligence >> anytime, anywhere continuing education

  15. Digital Intelligence from GE Medical Systems • The most advanced portfolio of digital service and asset management tools in healthcare … and the smartest way to deliver high quality, cost effective care

  16. Digital Intelligence Only from GE Medical Systems Healthcare Services