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Making The Cleanest boat PowerPoint Presentation
Making The Cleanest boat

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Making The Cleanest boat

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  1. CREATINGThe Cleanest ship The European Parliament, Green innovation Bruxelles, May 28th 2008 Henk Blaauw, DLD, technical coordinator of Creating

  2. Green innovation Social demands on transport Environment: Reduction of emissions and fuel consumption More transport over water Stronger position IWW entrepreneur Mobility: Less congestion Improve the competitiveness of inland navigation by development of “chain optimised vessel concepts” with optimal performance

  3. Goals of Creating • Strengthening the position of inland navigation • in the transport chain by: • Efficient and • Environmental friendly navigation • Ship as an integrated part of the transport chain • Safe transport (external/nautical safety)

  4. Partners of Creating

  5. WP 2 Innovative Logistic Concepts, efficiency, economics • WP 3 Innovative Vessel Concepts • WP 4 Performance Assessment • WP 7 Demonstrators • WP 10 Dissemination WP’s in Creating • WP 8 Safety Analysis • WP 5 Ship Hydro-dynamics I/O • WP 9 Safety Measures • WP 6 Engine Perfor-mance

  6. Environmental impact inland navigation • Can we improve the environmental impact of inland navigation? • Consume as little as possible fuel • Tempomaat,hull form, propulsion efficiency B. Clean diesel EN 590 C. Retrofitting (NOx SOx PM) For the future: • D. 2nd generation bio diesel • E. Natural gas (LNG) followed by Bio gas • F. Fuel cell/Hydrogen

  7. Performance of inland ships • Performance of inland ships compared to road transport: • Per transported ton per kilometer • 1. For exhaust of CO2: ships perform better, but more efficient is possible! • 2. For exhaust of SOx: ships are much worse • 3. For exhaust of NOx: ships perform less • 4. For exhaust of PM: ships are much less • More and more the importance of these issues increase, even in business negotiations. Creating payed a lot of attention to these subjects and stimulated discussions, for instance by: • the cleanest ship

  8. Set up of the demonstrator: the Cleanest ship Reduction of CO2 : The Cruise Control/ Voyage planner Reduction of SOx: Clean fuel! (EN 590) Reduction of NOx: SCR, Selective Catholitic Reduction Reduction of PM: Clean fuel and soot filter

  9. Clean fuel: BPTempomaat: Techno fysicaSCR and PM Filter: Hug Engineering

  10. First results of measurements

  11. Thank you for your attention