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beautiful downtown chelsea l.
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Lovely Downtown Chelsea

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Lovely Downtown Chelsea

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  1. Beautiful Downtown Chelsea

  2. We currently sell to over 1800 college and university bookstores across the U.S. and Canada.

  3. The military is our biggest market. The United States Navy is our single biggest customer.

  4. We ship teddy bears to military bases all around the world.

  5. The Clock Tower ComplexBringing new life to Chelsea.Partnering with McKinley Properties.

  6. Outside new facility

  7. Inside the Warehouse

  8. Inside the new store

  9. Inside Store with world record flag

  10. Inside store showing shipping door.

  11. KEY TOPICS • Create promotions and newsworthy events • Use the media for exposure • Target Groups to market to • Leverage Big Brother Alliances (for us it’s Jiffy Mix and some well known causes) • Use Blue Chip Customers to gain credibility (for us it’s the United States Navy)

  12. Our Willie Wonka…R. Emmett Turner, Founder

  13. Fact Sheet for Grand Opening Fact Sheet for Grand Opening event on June 3rd, 1996. Mailed to all media Contacts in region.

  14. Magical Destination Postcard

  15. Special Guest at our Grand Opening, a bear named Chelsea

  16. World’s Largest Real Teddy Bear

  17. Great Bear Cub Run Poster

  18. The Start • Ready, Set, Go!

  19. The Great Bear Cub Run • Kids dashed thru the warehouse grabbing as many teddy bears as they could!

  20. This is a very special little boy.

  21. More than she can handle

  22. The Finish Line!

  23. Design A Teddy Bear Poster

  24. Design example

  25. Join the Teddy Bear Club Postcard

  26. Stuff your own Teddy Bear

  27. Learn the History of the Teddy Bear

  28. 4th of July Promotion- “10,000 Flags”

  29. World’s Largest Teddy Bear Flag

  30. World Record Promotion

  31. Find a cause and tie in to it.CTBC started the Helper Club,we support area hospitals, Toys For Tots, World Wildlife Fund, breast cancer awareness, children’s cancer research, and other kid related causes.

  32. We’re in a unique position to give. • Because of our product line, we realized pretty early that we can do some good. • CTBC gives a few thousand teddy bears away every year to causes that help children, including big donations to families of 911 and hurricane Katrina victims. • This in some cases resulted in publicity worth more than the value of the cost of goods.

  33. Partner with other groups and companies. Leverage equity.Partnerships help each other by leveraging exposure, advertising dollars, and people.Ask Yourself, What can I bring to the party?

  34. We partnered with other local businesses to create a “Bakers and Bears Tour” that we promoted with tour bus operators and senior groups across a four state region. We laid out an itinerary for a full, fun-filled day.

  35. Take your company or organization to the customer. Go to other events and set up a booth.

  36. Who is our target demographic?Who can we partner with? (Hint: start local)What do we stand for? (i.e. Small Town America, Gateway to the Great North, etc.)What do we represent? What does our town have that we can leverage? Questions to ask yourself:

  37. Start with what you have.Network with those you already know.Start small, let it grow and take on a life of it’s own.

  38. Relavent Terms: Lifestyle environments, experiential marketing, creating memories.Experiential Marketing for the CTBC means we go out to other venues and let kids stuff and dress bears- to have an experience.Creating memories, and word of mouth endorsement, is key to success. Word of mouth influences 90% of product trials.

  39. Offer Tours and Classes!Education is a memorable experience, and creates loyal, knowledgeable fans of your business, organization or community.

  40. Factory Tours Win Loyal Fans!

  41. Interpretive CentersContent Based Attractions.The interpretation tells the story. It tells you how to relate to the attraction. It makes the connection, and makes the attraction relavent. It answers the question…Why would the customer care?

  42. Good museums and attractions, like the Henry Ford, are not only entertainment incorporating education, but they become escape immersions that actually take you into a period in time. You experience history on a different level, you become part of it.

  43. At the Chelsea Teddy Bear Company we try to make you feel like you are a part of this company, and you are involved in what we create here.