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  1. Diamonds Pat Pickett

  2. What Is A Diamond? • A diamond is carbon in its most concentrated form. Except for trace impurities like boron and nitrogen, diamond is composed solely of carbon, the chemical element that is fundamental to all life.

  3. Attributes Of A Diamond. • Beauty • Rarity • Durability • Demand • Tradition • Portability

  4. Where Are Diamonds Found? • Diamonds are found on Continental Cores • The search for diamonds has determined that most are derived from kimberlite pipes in the oldest, nuclear portions of the continents, where the basement rocks are older than 1.5 billion years.

  5. History Of Diamonds. • Small numbers of diamonds begin appearing in European regalia and jewelry in the 13th century, set as accent points among pearls in splendid wrought gold • Diamonds have served many forms of jewelry superbly, but the smallest form is the one that catches our interest the most -- the diamond ring given in token of love and marriage. • Today diamonds symbolizes wealth, durability, status, and peerless quality.

  6. The Diamond Industry & Technology • As methods for growing diamond, both at high pressure and by chemical vapor deposition, improve, and as science finds ways to take advantage of diamond's properties, the potential applications of diamond's superlative properties appear boundless.

  7. Summary • My final reasons for the board members of Sparkle Enterprise to hire me is that I have a cousin who works for DeBeers • And for you married members, the other reason is to always remember that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. • You may send the company car to Patrick Pickett, 3 Main St Meredith NH 03253

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