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The Penny

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The Penny

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  1. The Penny

  2. This is a penny. It is worth 1 cent. Abraham Lincoln is on the penny. He was a president of the United States.

  3. This is Abraham Lincoln. If you look at his face you will see that he has a beard. His face looks just like the face on the penny.

  4. This is what Abraham Lincoln looks like with no beard. A little girl told him that he would look better with a beard. What do you think?

  5. This is Mrs. Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln loved her very much.

  6. This is a picture of Abraham Lincoln with his son Thomas. His son had a nickname. It was Tad.

  7. In this picture Abraham Lincoln is becoming the President of the United States. A lot of the people were glad to have him for president. He was a very honest president. He also said all of the slaves could be free.

  8. On the back of the penny there is a picture of a building. This building is in Washington D.C.. The big building was made so that all of the people would remember President Lincoln. Do you think that the one on the penny looks like the real building?

  9. In this big building there is a big statue of Abraham Lincoln. A lot of the people who go to Washington, D.C. like to stop and see the statue.

  10. Slide 3 Abraham Lincoln, three-quarter length portrait, standing, facing left. Brady National Photographic Art Gallery (Washington, D.C.), photographer. CREATED/PUBLISHED [1864 January 8],aaodyssey,hh,gottscho,bbpix,bbcards,magbell,lbcoll,cwar,consrvbib,coolbib,coplandbib,dag,fsaall,aep,dcm,cmns,cowellbib,toddbib,lomaxbib,ngp,gottlieb,alad,mcc,aipn,omhbib,pan,vv,wpapos,psbib,pin,presp,qlt,ncr,denn,runyon,wtc,detr,varstg,horyd,hawp,suffrg last visited: 03\17\01 Slide 4 Lincoln, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing front]. Shepherd, Nicholas H., photographer. CREATED/PUBLISHED [1846 or 1847] America's First Look into the Camera: Daguerreotype Portraits and Views, 1839-1864 Item 3 of 5,aaodyssey,hh,gottscho,bbpix,bbcards,magbell,lbcoll,cwar,consrvbib,coolbib,coplandbib,dag,fsaall,aep,dcm,cmns,cowellbib,toddbib,lomaxbib,ngp,gottlieb,alad,mcc,aipn,omhbib,pan,vv,wpapos,psbib,pin,presp,qlt,ncr,denn,runyon,wtc,detr,varstg,horyd,hawp,suffrg last visited 3\17\01

  11. Slide 5 Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, full-length portrait, standing, facing left, near table]. CREATED/PUBLISHED [photographed between 1860 and 1865(?), printed later] By Popular Demand: Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies, 1789-Present Item 89 of 500 web address,aaodyssey,hh,gottscho,bbpix,bbcards,magbell,lbcoll,cwar,consrvbib,coolbib,coplandbib,dag,fsaall,aep,dcm,cmns,cowellbib,toddbib,lomaxbib,ngp,gottlieb,alad,mcc,aipn,omhbib,pan,vv,wpapos,psbib,pin,presp,qlt,ncr,denn,runyon,wtc,detr,varstg,horyd,hawp,suffrgLincoln last visited 3\17\01 Slide 6 A photograph of the President and Thomas (Tad) made by Mathew B. Brady on February 9, 1864. CREATED/PUBLISHED [photographed 1864 February 9, printed later],aaodyssey,hh,gottscho,bbpix,bbcards,magbell,lbcoll,cwar,consrvbib,coolbib,coplandbib,dag,fsaall,aep,dcm,cmns,cowellbib,toddbib,lomaxbib,ngp,gottlieb,alad,mcc,aipn,omhbib,pan,vv,wpapos,psbib,pin,presp,qlt,ncr,denn,runyon,wtc,detr,varstg,horyd,hawp,suffrg last visited 3\17\01

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  13. Slide 8 Memorial. Exterior of Lincoln Memorial III. Horydczak, Theodor, ca. 1890-1971, photographer. CREATED/PUBLISHED ca. 1920-ca. 1950. Washington as It Was: Photographs by Theodor Horydczak, 1923-1959 Item 34 of 500,aaodyssey,hh,gottscho,bbpix,bbcards,magbell,lbcoll,cwar,consrvbib,coolbib,coplandbib,dag,fsaall,aep,dcm,cmns,cowellbib,toddbib,lomaxbib,ngp,gottlieb,alad,mcc,aipn,omhbib,pan,vv,wpapos,psbib,pin,presp,qlt,ncr,denn,runyon,wtc,detr,varstg,horyd,hawp,suffrg last visited 3\17\01 Slide 9 Lincoln Memorial. Statue of Lincoln II. Horydczak, Theodor, ca. 1890-1971, photographer. CREATED/PUBLISHED ca. 1920-ca. 1950. Washington as It Was: Photographs by Theodor Horydczak, 1923-1959 Item 10 of 42,aaodyssey,hh,gottscho,bbpix,bbcards,magbell,lbcoll,cwar,consrvbib,coolbib,coplandbib,dag,fsaall,aep,dcm,cmns,cowellbib,toddbib,lomaxbib,ngp,gottlieb,alad,mcc,aipn,omhbib,pan,vv,wpapos,psbib,pin,presp,qlt,ncr,denn,runyon,wtc,detr,varstg,horyd,hawp,suffrg last visited 3\17\01