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adobe breeze training l.
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Adobe Breeze Preparing PowerPoint Presentation
Adobe Breeze Preparing

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Adobe Breeze Preparing

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  1. Adobe Breeze Training Participants

  2. About Breeze • What is it? - Breeze is web-based communication tool for real-time meetings, trainings, and presentations, that audiences can see and hear anytime, anywhere, through any standard web browser. • Who may use it? - Breeze is a free service to any University of Arizona employee. Any employee may setup and host a Breeze meeting. Non-university people may participate in a meeting. • How do I get started? - In order to participate in a Breeze meeting, there is a short checklist to complete. See

  3. What Do I Need? • What do I need to install? Not much! • Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) • Adobe Flash Player (probably already installed) • Breeze Add-in • What equipment do I need? • Speakers or earphones • Microphone or headset - highly recommended • Webcams – discouraged at this time • Speakerphone – conference room situations

  4. After Entering Meeting • Set Connection Speed • Configure/check Microphone

  5. Using A Microphone • Allow Breeze access to your microphone • Run the Audio Setup Wizard • Wait for the meeting host to enable access • Start your microphone in Breeze

  6. All about PODS • Chat • Camera and Voice • Attendee List • Share • Documents • Desktop/Windows/Programs • Whiteboard • Pod Layouts • Other pods

  7. Chat Pod • Instant messenger • Everyone has default access • Send to Everyone, Presenters, or Individuals

  8. Camera and Voice Pod • Used for BOTH webcams and microphones • Participants are given access by the host • Shows who is speaking or has a live microphone • Click to talk and Hands free modes

  9. Attendee List Pod • Shows participants • Shows level of participants – Participant, Presenter, Host • Status icons used to signal questions, etc.

  10. Share Pod • Used by Presenters or Hosts to share content: • Documents • Desktop/Windows/Programs • Whiteboard – access must be given • Scale to fit, Scroll, Full Screen views

  11. Pod Layouts • Pod layouts (arrangements) can be changed by the host • Share • Discussion • Collaboration • Custom

  12. Other Pods • Note • Poll • File Share

  13. Questions?

  14. Thanks! • Sheila Merrigan • (520-626-6543) • Robert Armstrong • (520-621-3872)