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Batteries and Energy components PowerPoint Presentation
Batteries and Energy components

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Batteries and Energy components

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  1. Batteries & Fuel Cells A history in pictures

  2. 1771-1800: The Galvani-Volta Controversy Luigi Galvani “Animal Electricity” Alessandro Volta

  3. 1800: The First Battery (Voltaic Pile) 1801: Volta presenting his battery to Napoleon.

  4. 1800: Fathers of Electrolysis Anthony Carlisle WilliamNicholson Johann Ritter In 1800, electrolysis was discovered a few months after Volta’s battery. It seems the discovery was simultaneously made by Nicholson & Ritter in England and by Ritter in Silesia (now Poland) .

  5. 1821: The First Electric Motor1835: The First BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) Michael Faraday Sibrandus Stratingh

  6. 1836: The Grove Battery and the Daniel Battery John F. Daniel Daniell’s Battery Grove’s Battery Grove’s Battery provided more power than Volta’s battery but leaked poisonous gas. Daniel’s battery was safer and was used in the first telegraphs.

  7. 1838: Backwards Electrolysis Christian Friedrich Schönbein

  8. 1839: First Fuel Cell (Grove’s “Gas Battery”) Sir William Grove

  9. 1859: The Lead battery is invented1887: The first full-scale electric car Gaston Plante Lead-Acid Battery 1888: Morrison’s electric car ran on 24 lead-acid battery cells. Here it is shown at a Des Moines parade.

  10. 1889: Improved Fuel Cell1897: Electric Taxis 1901: Nickel-Iron Rechargeable Battery (Edison Battery) Mond & Langer’s Fuel Cell 1910: The Edison Battery is tried in a automobile NY Electric Taxi

  11. Edison with a 1912 Detroit Electric 1912: Rechargeable BEV1939-1958: BEVs off market1959: The Henney Kilowatt

  12. 1959: The Alkali Fuel Cell1967: First Fuel Cell Vehicle 1965: A U.S. Army soldier operates a portable drillpowered by an alkali fuel cell. Francis Thomas Bacon with his Alkali Fuel cell. Karl Kordesch rides his alkali fuel cell motorbike.

  13. 1961-1969:The Apollo Project Fuel cells are used to power the spacecraft computers and life-support systems because they are safer than nuclear and smaller than solar. The astronauts drink the water that is produced from the electrolysis.

  14. 1975: BEV range to charge is still only 60 miles1979: The fuel cell golf cart

  15. 1994: Fuel cell bus1996: GM’s EV1

  16. 2007: GM Sequel and Tesla Roadster

  17. Why choose cars for our project?

  18. References • pictures of scientists • types of fuel cells • sir william grove • willliam nicholson • history of BEVs • fuel cell history