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engr 4060 001 technology of northern italy l.
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ENGR 4060.001 Innovation of Northern Italy PowerPoint Presentation
ENGR 4060.001 Innovation of Northern Italy

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ENGR 4060.001 Innovation of Northern Italy

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  1. ENGR 4060.001Technology of Northern Italy May 2009 (Summer Session) Instructors: Drs. John Veensta (CIVEN) and John Nazemetz (IEM) Open to All Majors -- http://biosystems.okstate.edu/ENGR4060

  2. Agenda • Welcome • Introductions • Course Goals and Logistics • Location of Visit/Tours • Course Schedule and Requirements • Pre-Trip, Trip, Post-Trip • Logistics • Costs/Scholarships, Sign-Ups, … • Travel Logistics/Responsibilities • Q & A

  3. Course* Goals • Provide On-Site Glimpse of Italian Technology and Culture • Visits to Industrial and Cultural Sites • Technology Visits (Tentative) • Plastics, Construction, Glass Manufacturing, Wine Production, Shoe Manufacture, Olive Oil Production, Information Sciences/Product Identification, Food (Cheese) Processing, Cabinet/Furniture Manufacture, 15th and 21st Century Corn Mills, Water/Wetlands Management, Automobile, Oil and Gas, Manufacture, Textile/Clothing Manufacture, … • Cultural And Architectural Visits (Tentative) • Ca’Tron Architecture, Art Museums, Science Museums, Palaces, Canal/Barge Travel, Walking Tours of Florence/Venice, … • Immersion in Italy (Public Transportation, Restaurants, Cafes, … • Student Selected/’Free’ Time Activities * NOTE: Course meets all OSRHE standards for Course/Credit Hours

  4. ENGR 4060.001 Technology of Northern Italy Area for Visit We plan an “open C” tour/loop from the US through central and northern Italy We will fly to Rome and travel by train to Florence, Bologna/Milan and Venice areas, and depart from Venice – students may extend trip to other cities, … after class ends. USA http://worldatlas.com/webimage/ countrys/europe/itfacts.htm

  5. Costs and Sign-Ups Sign-up by February 2, 2009 (a $400 non-refundable deposit is due at sign-up) The balance of the local expenses will be billed to your bursar account in the middle to end of March, 2009. Contact: Nancy Rogers (Nancy.Rogers@okstate.edu) or Dr. Ron Elliott (ron.elliott@okstate.edu ; 111 Ag Hall) Tuition1 $ 750 How Much: The estimated cost is: Course Expenses2 1,550 Meals, In Country Expenses3 500 Air Fare4 1,100 $3,900 + Personal5 $$$ ??? 1 Paid for in Summer Semester. No fees and no additional charges for out of state residents 2 Paid in Advance - Local expenses include lodging, most of your meals, local transportation (train, bus, and boat), and tours. Will be finalized by Feb 2, 2009. 3 Paid as you go in Italy – Will vary by student taste/preferences, 4This is the currently offered economy fares, you may find better/worse prices. 5 Cost of souvenirs, personal trips, etc not included. This is an estimate, actual cost may differ (slightly).

  6. Scholarships Available • International Experience Scholarships • OSU There was an offering of such scholarships in the fall, with all of them being spoken for fairly quickly, but this is ADDITIONAL funding that has been made available.  I believe that the scholarships are in the amount of $500 for short-term study abroad (such as the May ENGR 4060 courses in Italy, Brazil, China, and Germany). For more information, go to http://studyabroad.okstate.edu/ieo.aspx?page=120 and/or stop by the Study Abroad Office in 060-G Student Union – Applications open January 21, 2009, 8:00 a.m. • CEAT Schools As of the time of this writing, there are still $500-1000 scholarships available for students in the following majors (first come / first served ‘til the numerical limit of scholarships in each major is reached): •             Biosystems Engineering •             Civil & Environmental Engineering •             Electrical & Computer Engineering •             Fire Protection & Safety Technology •             Industrial Engineering & Management • Student/Financial Aid Can be Used for the Course

  7. Possible/Probable Cost Trip Total Estimated Cost $3900 Less Study Abroad* 500 $3400 Less CEAT Assist** 500 $2900 Less Tuition Scholarships 750 $2250 * Form Available on line Search OSU site for “Provost Study Abroad” ** May be limited availability -- FCFS – limited # available each School

  8. Course Logistics (1) • Pre-Trip • Six (6) Class Meetings Planned for Spring Semester • Tentatively Planned for Five (5) Monday Evenings and One (1) Saturday – Day of Meetings Subject to Change to Accommodate Students in Course • Feb 16 – Short Pre-Class, Passport, … checks, as needed • March 9– General (Group) Travel and Journal Writing • March 23 – History and Culture of Italy • March 30 – Italian Language • April 4 (Sat.) – Trip (Vineyard/Winery, Dinner) – Practice Touring and Journal Writing • April 13 – Italian Architecture • April 20 – Italian Art • May 4 – Short, Final check/Questions, … • as needed

  9. Course Logistics (2) • During Trip (Arrive May,10/11, Trip - May 11-23, Depart May 24) • Visits to Industrial and Cultural Sites • Prearranged Group Tours/Presentations • Travel by Charter Bus, (Public) Trains, Boats/Ferries, and Busses • Students Will Keep/Write Journals of Experiences and Observations • Daily Journal Entries Expected • Each Student Will Research A Site/Industry before Leaving US and Will Provide ‘Expertise’ to Other Students Regarding Site/Industry during Trip

  10. Course Logistics (3) • Post-Trip • Journal Completion/Compellation • Add Pictures • Edit as Needed • Summary Paper on Experiences • Technical Observations • Comparisons to US Culture and Technology • Lessons Learned • Due by mid-July (for Summer Grade Submission) • Grade Based on Pre-Trip Participation and Research, Trip Behavior, Journal, and Post-Trip Summaries

  11. Sample (Last Year’s) Itinerary • Link to booklet.doc

  12. Cotto Veneto

  13. Betiol Guseppe Cheese Plant

  14. Wine Production A Prosecco grape and wine producer

  15. Florence Waste Recycling Technology in solid waste management - Florence

  16. Le Torri Making olive oil with a cold press

  17. Veneta Cucine Spa

  18. API Plastics

  19. Grain Mills Power behind an Old Grain Mill Power behind a New Grain Mill

  20. Museo dela Bonifica San Dona di Piave Learning how the Veneto was reclaimed from swamp land

  21. Venice Flood Gates Construction Taking a boat ride to visit the construction of the Venice flood gates

  22. Venice: San Marco

  23. Venice: Rialto Bridge

  24. Florence: Duomo Florence from hilltop (Duomo in Distance) Duomo Basilica

  25. Florence: History of Science Museum Da’Vinci Drawing of gears Galileo’s objective lens Retrieved from: http://www.imss.fi.it/

  26. Bologna: University of Bologna Group outside U of B Engineering Campus Departmental sign in building

  27. Bologna Medici Library Medici Library Two Towers

  28. Travel Logistics (1) • Passports and Visas • All Travelers MUST Obtain Passports • Begin Process NOW !! • Passport Offices – Department of State -- http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html • First Passport ? http://travel.state.gov/passport/get/first/first_832.html • Passport Photos Can be Taken and Assistance Provided by the Study Abroad Office in 060-G Student Union • US Citizens Do Not Need to Obtain Visas • Foreign Nationals May Need Visas

  29. Visas – Non-US CitizensWho Needs One -http://www.esteri.it/visti/home_eng.asp • Visas – 35 - http://www.esteri.it/visti/rilascio_eng.asp • Selected Sites • Kansas City - Honorary Vice Consulate Address: New Brotherhood Building, 753 State Ave. Suite 102 - Kansas City, KS 66101Tel.: 0019132812222Fax: 3216525E-mail: rserra@wycokck.org • Denver - Honorary Vice Consulate Address: 7325 South Jackson Street - Centennial, CO 80122Tel.: 0013032249927Fax: 2249930E-mail: italyconsulcolo@msn.com • Houston - General Consulate Address: 1300, Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 660 - Houston, TX 77056Tel.: 001713 8507520 Fax: 8509113Website: www.italconshouston.orgE-mail: houston.italcons@itwash.org

  30. Travel Logistics (2) • Air Travel • Students will schedule and pay for their own flights, but we will provide help with reservations if needed. • We will pick up students at Rome airport and provide travel to depart Venice airport or train station. • Students are free to spend additional time in Europe following the completion of the class, and may choose to fly out of a different city.

  31. Travel Logistics (3) • Lodging • All Lodging During Course will be Pre-arranged • Double Occupancy • Ca’Tron Campus and Overnight Stays in Rome, Florence, Bologna/Milan (tentative) • Meals • Many (but not all) Meals will be Pre-arranged During Course • Some Evening Meals Will Be At Student’s Discretion • A Listing of Meals (and at who’s expense) Will Be Provided in Final Itinerary ( ~ March 1) • All Alcohol will be at Individual Expense

  32. Eating near Ca’Tron

  33. Boschetto’s

  34. Eating in Tuscany

  35. Eating in Venice

  36. A Café in Murano

  37. Travel Logistics (4) • Packing and Luggage • Pack Light – Laundry Facilities Will Be Available • Be Prepared to ‘Tote’ All of Own Bags • Additional Advice at Course Meeting 1. • Medical Considerations • Proof of Internationally Valid Health Insurance Will be Required for Trip • Fitness – Touring Requires Walking (~ 2-3 Miles per hour of walking tours) • Should Begin Fitness Program to Assure Ability • Bring All Needed, Likely Needed (Prescriptions, Non-Prescription) • Not All Medical Conditions May be Able to Be Accommodated • Participants Will be Asked to Self-Reveal Medical Conditions Prior to Trip

  38. Travel Logistics (4) • Communications • Internet/e-mail Available in Ca’Tron Facilities • Most, if not all Hotels will have (may be a charge) • Often Best to Use Asynchronous Communication Methods • European Cell Phones are Different Frequencies than US • Can Rent Phones, if Needed • Phone Cards May be Best • Parents (if you tell them) will Have All Phone Numbers, Itinerary

  39. Ca’Tron Base

  40. GMO Lab at Ca’Tron

  41. Travel Logistics (5) • Dress • Industrial Tour Preparation • Closed-Toe Shoes, Safety Glasses, No Dangling Clothing/Accessories, No Skirts, Shorts • Some will be ‘Dirty’, Some May Smell Like Money • Cultural • Cathedrals May/Will Ban Visitors in Short Skirts, Shorts, Short Shorts, Bare Shoulders,… May Require Head Covering (Women) • We Will Respect their Rules/Culture.

  42. Travel Logistics (5) • Language • Learning Some Basic Italian Will Help • Language Will Be Addressed in Class • Additional Preparation is Recommended • Rosetta Stone (Both Dr. Nazemetz and Jones Have) • Other Materials (OSU Library) • Many (Younger) Italians Will Speak English • Best if you Try to Speak Italian, Be Polite, Patient, Humble

  43. Miscellaneous • International Travel • Do NOT Expect US Culture and Behavior • You are a Visitor/Guest, Be a Good One • Speaking Louder in English Won’t Help Communication • Embrace the Differences, Enjoy the Culture • Group Travel • Meeting Schedule/Plans Will Be Expected • Need to be ‘On-Time at Location’ • Flexibility/Compromise is Key to Group Harmony • Pre-Plan/Carry Snacks/Water, … • Individuals Compromising the Group’s Experience Will be Dropped from Class/Accommodations

  44. Questions

  45. ENGR 4060: Italy Goal: Provide a foreign learning experience with a strong technical component to engineering students, which may be applied to graduation requirements.

  46. Objectives • Study historical and current engineering and technology in northern Italy • Develop a familiarity with the general history and culture of northern Italy • Become proficient in European travel

  47. In 2005 & 2006 • 6 Pre-trip classes, withassignments. • 13 days in country,12 of organized activities. • 15 students in ’05 16 students in ‘06. • About even split between technical and cultural. • Technical tours stressed food, manufacturing and environmental engineering. • Students graded on journal and written assignment.

  48. Locations • Venice – 9 days • Florence – 3 days • Bologna – 1 day