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the funny world of political cartoons l.
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The Amusing Universe of Political Kid's shows PowerPoint Presentation
The Amusing Universe of Political Kid's shows

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The Amusing Universe of Political Kid's shows

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  1. The Funny World of Political Cartoons Michael R. Lowe EDU 506-02 March 3, 2001

  2. The world is filled with humor. Laughter can sometimes be called an international language. Political cartoons can be used to convey feelings about world events and past historical dilemmas. Today you are about to embark on a journey of wits and jest. Find out who, what, when, and where the humor begins!

  3. The Tasks: • to recognize various types of political cartoons, • to gain an understanding of satire, • to analyze the major issues involved in today's and and • create their own political cartoon. • past current events, • examine the history of political cartoons in early America.

  4. RESOURCE # 1 Editorial Cartoons lead students in informative and vital discussions of current events. Since the cartoons are constantly updating, students will see the themes change to reflect the issue of the day.

  5. RESOURCE: #2 Students are familiar with answering questions, however, to be good researchers they need to learn how to formulate questions by looking at political cartoons.

  6. RESOURCE #3 A brief history of political cartoons will help inform the students on the elements: caricature, which parodies the individual, and allusion, which creates the situation or context into which the individual is placed.

  7. The political cartoon is an effective campaign song. You can even poke fun at political figures in this activity. RESOURCE # 4

  8. RESOURCE # 5 While the impulse to satirize public people in picture is probably common. Soon you will become an expert in political cartoons and you could take your own cartoon quiz.

  9. CONCLUSION: Now you have become an expert at analyzing the works of political artists and their cartoons and identifying your own cartoon.

  10. THANK YOU! I would like to thank everyone for participating in this wonderful educational experience.