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The Enchantment PowerPoint

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The Enchantment PowerPoint

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  1. The Magic PowerPoint or How to make PowerPoint behave like an Interactive Whiteboard.

  2. Before you start: • Open PowerPoint • Click Tools • Click Options • Click Security Tag • Click Macro Security • Select Medium • Close and re-open PowerPoint (you won’t have to do any of that again)

  3. Write your presentation • Write the PowerPoint presentation as normal, or find the PowerPoint you want to add the macro to. • Save it.

  4. Open ‘The Magic PowerPoint’ (Click enable macros if asked) Click Insert Click Slides from Files Click Browse and then on your chosen ppt Tick Keep Source Formatting Click Insert All Click slide sorter view Delete all the Magic PowerPoint slides except this one. Click save as and rename your PowerPoint Instructions:

  5. To make bits move like magic • Right-click on the image or text box you want to move around • Click Action Settings • Click Run Macro (‘draganddrop’ should be in the box) • Click OK

  6. How it works: • You are adding a ‘macro’ called ‘DropandDrag’. • It was written by Hans Werner Hofmann and Ute Simon and their names will appear in the ‘properties’ of this ppt file. • The macro is embedded in this presentation which is why you have to put your slides into it and then save it again with a new name. • Oh you can delete any last slides now and the macro will stay.

  7. Troubleshooting • Check security settings are ‘medium’ (recommended) or ‘low’ (not recommended) • Make sure you right-click on the top line of a text box if you want it to move – it will go transparent if clicked in right place.