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a web based genealogy system l.
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An Electronic Family history Framework PowerPoint Presentation
An Electronic Family history Framework

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An Electronic Family history Framework

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  1. A Web-Based Genealogy System • Presented by: Christine Fang Ian Stuart • Advisors: Dr. C. Tappert Dr. S. Tuohy

  2. A Web-Based Genealogy System • Web-based application for family trees and genealogical information • Allows groups to work on common projects instead of funneling work through a single person • Features an intuitive GUI for data entry and tree navigation

  3. A Web-Based Genealogy System Registration and Login: • Users create personal accounts • A user may have access to several trees at once • Any user may initiate a new tree project, becoming the tree’s “administrator”

  4. A Web-Based Genealogy System Creating a Tree: • The system creates a unique ID for every new tree a user creates • The creator/administrator of a new tree may determine the access rights of any other user invited to participate • Modification allowed (read/write access) • Viewing only (read-only access)

  5. A Web-Based Genealogy System Growing a Tree: • Family trees “grow” by defining relationships that new members have to existing members within each tree - Parents - Children - Spouses/Partners • Unique IDs are assigned to each new member • Relationships are defined automatically

  6. A Web-Based Genealogy System Displaying a Tree: • Every family member of a tree can become the focus of tree display - Ancestors - Descendants • The system encourages a unified effort to tree development instead of multiple trees • Each user controls his/her own custom set of display preferences for each tree.

  7. A Web-Based Genealogy System