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windows deployment services l.
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Windows Organization Administrations PowerPoint Presentation
Windows Organization Administrations

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Windows Organization Administrations

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  1. Windows Deployment Services An Overview

  2. Outline • Features and Updates • Setup Requirements • Server Setup • Image Types • PXE Boot Process • Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) Tools • Windows PE • ImageX • Sysprep • Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) • Multicasting with Longhorn • Summary

  3. Features and Updates Image Format Image Deployment Improvements Image Management Vista Support Windows PE

  4. Setup Requirements • Active Directory • DHCP Services • DNS • Separate NTFS Partition • Vista disc (for boot.wim) • Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) • Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008

  5. Server Setup • Server Modes • Legacy Mode • Native Mode • Mixed Mode

  6. Image Types Boot Image Capture Image Install Image

  7. Boot.SDI Boot.WIM Volume (NTFS) SDI Header System32 Winload.exe Bootmgr.exe BCD PXE Boot Process RAMDISK

  8. Windows PE peimg /inf [MyDriver.inf] winpe\windows Mini-vista Deploy and Capture Images Scratch Space PEimg

  9. ImageX Command Line Tool Image Management Modification Process

  10. Sysprep Strips SID and reseals system Not included within standard XP install Vista and Windows Server 2008 integration

  11. Windows SIM Creates and manages XML answer files Answer file validation component

  12. Multicasting Only available on Longhorn Autocast Scheduled cast Real-time monitoring

  13. Summary The new .wim image format The roles of the different image types Improved image management with the WAIK tools Multicasting with Longhorn