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CERFP Preparation

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CERFP Preparation

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  1. CERFP Briefing Nebraska National Guard Lieutenant Amy Johnson

  2. Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive What is CERFP? • What is CERFP? • C - CBRNE • E - Enhanced • R - Response • F - Force • P - Package

  3. The Nebraska National Guard (NE NG) plays a vital role in the defense and security of both the Nation and State. There will be another significant catastrophic incident in this country, whether involving CBRNE, terrorism, or natural disaster. The CERFP units will play a prominent role in response to any major incident. CERFP

  4. Greatest HYE Biological Toxins Industrial Chemicals Biological Pathogens Radio- Isotopes Probability Of Occurrence Nuclear Weapons Chemical Weapons • Most Likely: High Yield Explosive (HYE) • Most Dangerous: Nuclear Weapons • ----------------------------------------- CBRNE Threat Spectrum Least Casualty Potential

  5. CERFP Mission On order, respond to a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or High Yield Explosive (CBRNE) incident or other catastrophic event and assist local, state, and federal agencies in conducting consequence management by providing capabilities to conduct personnel decontamination, emergency medical services, and casualty search and extraction.

  6. I  Seattle  Boston X Chicago  V II VIII  New York Alaska Denver  Philadelphia  IX VII San Francisco   Kansas City III VI IV Denton   Atlanta Hawaii II U.S.V.I & Puerto Rico States by FEMA Region Green states have a CERFP mission.

  7. JOINT FORCES CONCEPT CERFPs consist of both Army and Air National Guard Assets working together in support of civilian emergency personnel for a strong unified response team.

  8. 4 ELEMENTS • Command and Control (C2)-16 • Medical-45 • Decontamination-75 • Search & Extraction-50 Total= 186 Personnel

  9. J3-DO CERFP Personnel Training Officer Admin/Training NCO Logistics NCO Commander Deputy Commander/S3 Admin Officer S1 Logistics Officer S4 Sr. Operations Sgt Operations Sergeant NBC Staff NCO Chemical Spc/RTO CSM/Safety NCO Medical Liaison Senior Liaison Officer Asst. Ops Officer S2/3 Admin NCO Logistics NCO Supply Sergeant/RTO Signal Officer/S6 MED Plans & Ops Officer MED Logistics NCO HQ (3) HQ (5) Cmdr Sr Ops NCO NBC NCO RTO (2) HQ (4) Cmdr 1SG MED Ops MED LOG Cmdr Sr Ops NCO RTO TM 1 (16) TM 2 (16) TM 3 (16) TM 2 (26) TM 2 (26) TX TM (26) Support TM(15) Nebraska CERFP Structure

  10. Command & Control (C2) • Directs the overall activity of the CERFP • Reports to the Nebraska National Guard and the Incident Commander

  11. Medical Section • Provide pre-hospital and emergency medical care during mission • Provide triage and emergency medical care prior to evacuation. • Intervention of critical incident stress syndrome, and limited treatment of hazardous materials exposure.

  12. Medical Section

  13. Decontamination Section • Conducts mass casualty ambulatory and non-ambulatory decontamination, and zone monitoring. • Operates in appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when conducting decontamination.

  14. Decontamination Section

  15. Search and Extraction • Conducts casualty search and extraction. • Trained in collapsed structure & confined space extraction • 10 Medical Personnel assigned to provide emergency care in hot zone.

  16. Search and Extraction

  17. Search and Extraction

  18. CERFP Site

  19. Employment Concept • Operate within State Emergency Management Incident Command System. • Not in the lead, but in a supporting role. • Operate in coordination with other military forces. • Employed with other NG assets as necessary. • Employed in part (modular) or whole.

  20. Full Spectrum Vulnerability Assessment Teams • Teams in each state analyze and assess Critical Infrastructure (Planning and Preparedness) • National Guard CBRNE Enhanced Response Force Package • One task organized force per FEMA region. • Leverages existing warfighting capabilities. • Specialized training to respond to CBRNE events at home. • National Guard Response Forces • Site Security • Presence Patrols/ Show of Force • Establishment of road block and/or check points • Control of Civil Disturbance • WMD-CST Force Protection / Security (Operate in CBRNE environment) • Respond/assist in protection of selected DoD assets • Initial response within 4 hours with follow-on in 4-24 hours • (Critical Infrastructure Protection) High DoD (Title 10) • Joint Force Headquarters (State) • Reorganization of existing administrative headquarters • Able to provide Command and Control of military response forces on behalf of the Governor or a Combatant Commander. Specialized Federal Assets (LD/HD) Federal Civilian • WMD Civil Support Teams • 22 Person teams • 32 teams today. • End State: 55 Teams • Mission: CBRN Assessment, Technical Advice, and Facilitation of follow on support. Required Capabilities and Resources Interstate Compacts FSVA JFHQ-State NGRF NG CERFP WMD CST Local Emergency Services Specialized Regional Response Assets Mutual Aid Agreements Low Pre-Event First 12 Hours 12-48 Hours 48-96 Hours 30 Days National Response: Where do the National Guard Initiatives Fit?

  21. Official Request Channel • On scene commander identifies need for additional assets • On scene commander requests assets from the county emergency management agency • The county emergency management agency contacts NEMA • NEMA contacts the Adjutant General • The AG contacts the Governor • The Governor approves the use of the CERFP • The AG informs NEMA who informs the NE JOC • The NE JOC notifies the CERFP

  22. NE Guard Joint Operations Center The Governor The Adjutant General CERFP County Emergency Management

  23. Required Training Certifications For CERFP Personnel • NIMS/ICS 100, 200, 700 & 800 • Emergency Response to Terrorism/Q534 • HAZMAT Ops Plus • RIGS course, OK City, Oklahoma • Decon Line Operations and NET • Command and Control (C2) Course • Additional Medical Qualifications by Position

  24. Contact Information • Lt Amy Johnson (OIC, Med Plans & OPS) • amy.johnson19@us.army.mil, 402-309-1796 • LT MJ Kramer (2IC, Trng Officer) • melissa.kramer@us.army.mil, 402-309-1793 • SFC Dave Fannon (Training & Readiness) • david.fannon1@us.army.mil, 402-309-1794 • SFC Donald Kemper (Logistics NCO-Army) • donald.k.kemper@us.army.mil, 402-309-1795 • MSgt Brian Tlamka (Logistics NCO-MED) • bryan.tlamka1@us.army.mil, 402-309-1797