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YLRL Young women Radio Alliance PowerPoint Presentation
YLRL Young women Radio Alliance

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YLRL Young women Radio Alliance

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  1. YLRLYoung Ladies Radio League Nancy Dluehosh, N1NCY August 21, 2010

  2. YLRL—Who Are They? • Organized in 1939, YLRL is a nonprofit organization of Women Amateur Radio Licensees. • International in scope • Membership: approximately 1100, about 200 of which are DX YLs. • The Original Founding Mothers of YLRL are: YLRL Presentation

  3. This is the advertisement in QST that started it all - May 1939 Issue YLRL Presentation

  4. History • Beginnings • An ad in QST wondered how many women “key twitchers” there were • Ethel Smith, W7FWB, later, K4LMB, wrote a letter to the editor asking YL’s to respond to her if they were “key twitchers” • She also wrote, “Maybe we should start a YLRL” • 12 YL’s responded • The YLRL started: October 1939 YLRL Presentation

  5. History • Beginnings • Enid Carter, W9NBX, later, W6UFX, drew up a constitution • Dues were $.25 a year • District chairmen were appointed for each call area • First monthly bulletin: November 1939 • YL Harmonics name chosen for monthly bulletin • April 1940, 2 new members from Alaska and England • October 1940, YL Harmonics 15 pages long! YLRL Presentation

  6. History • Beginnings • YL nets on 160, 80, 40, 20, and 10m • Colors of dark blue and silver chosen by Ethel Smith, K4LMB (ex-W7FWB) • Signature “33” now originated by Clara, W8KYR, later W2RUF • Original meaning of “33”: Love, sealed with friendship between one YL and another YL YLRL Presentation

  7. History • Beginnings • May 1940, “YL” now used for all licensed female operators • June 1940, first local YL Chapter in Cleveland, Ohio • More local chapters formed • Pearl Harbor! No ham radio for the duration of the war • YL Harmonics kept going YLRL Presentation

  8. History • Beginnings • Nov./Dec. 1942-over 300 members • Third anniversary-Harmonics 13 pages long • One page of job opportunities for YL’s in CAA, Navy Signal Corp, M.I.T., in WAAC and WAVES YLRL Presentation

  9. Conventions • First International Convention 1955: Santa Monica, California • Format: business meeting, YL lunch, YL-OM banquet at night, installation of new officers • Gifts of copper bracelets with YLRL insignia compliments of Los Angeles YLRL • OM’s took tour of Collins Burbank Factory and NBC Studios while YL’s had the business meeting YLRL Presentation

  10. Conventions • Second Convention: Chicago, IL, 1957 • Third Convention: Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1960 • Fourth Convention: Columbus, Ohio, 1964, YLRL’s 25th anniversary! YLRL Presentation

  11. Conventions • Conventions every 3-4 years: Denver, CO; Long Beach, CA; Houston, TX; Philadelphia, PA, (40th Anniversary); Crystal City, VA… • Conventions I’ve attended: • 1999 - Longbeach, on the Queen Mary (60th Anniversary of YLRL) • 2002 - Cleveland • 2005 - Denver • 2008 - Huntsville • Next convention- July 2011 in Boston, MA YLRL Presentation

  12. YL-Harmonics • YL Harmonics is the YLRL bi-monthly publication • $15 a year dues includes a subscription to the YL Harmonics • Each issue contains news from each of the 10 U.S. districts, Alaska, Canada, and DX countries • There is also a Youth Column written by a youth member, a contest page, scholarship information, and other pertinent YL-ham information YLRL Presentation

  13. YLRL Scholarships • College scholarships established in memory of Silent Keys • Ethel Smith, K4LMB • Mary Lou Brown, NM7N • Awarded every year to YL’s. • Marte Wessel, K0EPE, accepts donations and manages fund YLRL Presentation

  14. Contests • YL/OM Contest in Feb - SSB/CW/Digital • DX/NA YL Anniversary Contest • Oct - SSB/CW/Digital • YL Yearly Contests • YL Birthday Contest for 2010 • Contest runs from Jan to Dec • Other YL Contests • C.L.A.R.A.-Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association, in March • A.L.A.R.A.-Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association always last full weekend of August YLRL Presentation

  15. Nets • Thursday Night SSB net at 0100 UTC on 20m and 0130 UTC 40m • YL Tangle Net, Thurs., 1800 UTC on 14.298 MHz • YL Roses Net, Mon., 1800 UTC on 28.433 MHz • YL Open House, Wed., 1900 UTC (1800 spring and summer) on 14.288 MHz • Local YL Net? NONE! Let’s start one! YLRL Presentation

  16. QRV - I Am Ready • Joining YLRL - applications available today and online at the YLRL website • YLRL website: • www.ylrl.org • Currently being upgraded (many pages are “under construction” currently) • Form a local net? Let’s talk! • Participate in YLRL national/international nets and contests YLRL Presentation

  17. QRV - I Am Ready • Questions? YLRL Presentation

  18. QRV - I Am Ready “33” YLRL Presentation