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d day a soldier s experience nicholas mercer n.
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D-Day: A Soldier s Experience PowerPoint Presentation
D-Day: A Soldier s Experience

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D-Day: A Soldier s Experience

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  1. D-Day: A Soldier’s Experience Nicholas Mercer EXTRA EXTRA ALLIES INVADE NORMANDY

  2. June 6, 1944 • At 12:01 A.M. American 101st and 82nd Airborne jump into Normandy … Things quickly went wrong.

  3. Fighting Fiercely However, through steadfast resolve and determination … The paratroopers were able to reach their destinations.

  4. Just before Dawn With 14,000 sorties and and thousands of Allied ships the beaches get blasted with an arsenal of weaponry. However, the bombardment was ineffective.

  5. 0600 Hours The beaches of Normandy get invaded with U.S., British and Canadian Troops … This is only the beginning.

  6. Fierce Battle Through hard fighting and individual resolve, the Allies were able to make their way onto the beaches … It would take many more hours.

  7. German Losses There were many German losses as well … Allowing the Allies to have victory.

  8. Allies prove Victorious The Allies were able to capture the Beach head of Normandy. However, it cost the Allies many casualties. Click here for more information

  9. The Heroes Honor our fallen soldiers … They are the ones who have ensured our freedom.

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