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Understudy Led Conferences PowerPoint Presentation
Understudy Led Conferences

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Understudy Led Conferences

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  1. Student Led Conferences Let’s Begin

  2. My Electronic Portfolio Reading/LA New Sarpy Elementary 2000-2001 Grade 2 Mrs. Andry’s Class Creative Writing Math SS/Science My Strengths Improvements Parent Focus

  3. Reading/Language Arts Let’s Continue

  4. Creative Writing Return Home

  5. Return Home Math

  6. Return Home Social Studies/Science

  7. Return Home My Strengths I’m best at The reason this is so is I’m also good at This is because

  8. Return Home Improvement/Goals 1. I need to improve 2. My goal for this nine weeks is

  9. Return Home Parent Focus I just want you to know that I appreciate it when you The nicest thing you did for me this year was I wish we could Thank you for