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housing authority of the city of los angeles l.
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Lodging Authority of the City of Los Angeles PowerPoint Presentation
Lodging Authority of the City of Los Angeles

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Lodging Authority of the City of Los Angeles

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  1. Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles How To Apply for Public Housing August 2008

  2. What is the Housing Authority (HACLA)? • HACLA was established in 1938 to administer the public housing program in the City of Los Angeles • Our main mission is to provide safe, decent and sanitary housing • We provide affordable public housing to 7,400 families • Our developments are located throughout the City of Los Angeles

  3. More about HACLA… • Many of the sites have been modernized or updated • All sites are accessible to major transit routes • Almost all sites have features such as parks, playgrounds, green open areas, and Employment Technology Centers

  4. HACLA’s Public Housing Sites • Central Los Angeles: • Avalon Gardens • Pueblo Del Rio Watts: • Gonzaque Village • Nickerson Gardens • Imperial Courts • Jordan Downs Harbor: • Rancho San Pedro • East Los Angeles: • Estrada Courts • Rose Hill Courts • Pico Gardens • William Mead • Ramona Gardens SF Valley: • San Fernando Gardens West LA: • Mar Vista Gardens

  5. Location of Public Housing Developments

  6. How To Apply 1.Visit us in person to obtain an application at: Housing Authority Application Center 2600 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90057 Open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M-F 2. You may download an application from our website and mail it to the above address. 3. Call us at (213) 252-1020 to request an application.

  7. What do I bring to the interview? Identification cards such as: • Driver license • Birth Certificates • Social Security Cards • INS documents (if applicable) Financial Records • Copies of pay stubs • W-2s • Bank records • Medical receipts…

  8. What Happens at the Interview? • Adult members of the household will be required to sign release of information on all necessary verification forms. • Your interviewer will review your information and start the process to verify your eligibility for housing assistance.

  9. Main Reasons Applications are Rejected • Lack of documentation • Incomplete application • Rejecting the site you are offered • Hiding or falsifying information

  10. After the Interview……. • A staff member will determine your eligibility  This process can take several weeks • You may be asked to provide additional information if needed • Once completed you will be notified of the results And then?…

  11. If Eligible to Participate in the Program… …and depending on where you are on the waiting list….. • You will be offered up to three locations (depending on vacancies at that time – there is no “site-based” list for a specific property) • You must be able to accept your new housing location and pay a security deposit

  12. We look forward to housing you!!!