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  1. WB_FrontPage_How To CS3505

  2. Front Page • Microsoft Web Page Authoring tool • Available to students at no charge see helpdesk • Provides support for building Webs includes • Entering text, images, frames, style sheets • Input forms, ASP, Dynamic HTML • Publishing If Server is Frontpage enabled

  3. FrontPage Installation • Get MS Frontpage CD’s from helpdesk • Run setup as administrator, license key on CD’s, runs in 5 minutes • Requires 170MB default; 339MB Full • Installs in C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/ • Reboot • Microsoft Frontpage Should now appear In your programs menu

  4. Start a Web and index.html file 1) Start Frontpage 2) New Empty Web 2.1) Browse create for a new directory 3) New Blank Page 4) Add Text “My Home Page” 5) Save

  5. Frontpage: Local Publishing • Bring up Frontpage and your root page • Example RootExample.htm • File->Publish Web … • Browse for the directory on your local machine into which you want to place your web • Example: StudentExampleDirectory/YournameDirectory • Click Publish

  6. Frontpage Local Publish(cont) • Frontpage will add several directories and the page(s) in your web project to the directory you have selected Click on your root page to test your web

  7. Add Three more More Pages 1) Make a new page 2) Add Text Header 3) Save as Page_2 4) Repeat steps one and two to add page_2,3,4 5) Get some sample images and add the to the web

  8. Keep Page Architecture in mind Keeping track of links and were pages images and sounds are is a major headache. index page2 page3 page4 Keep a component architecture in mind. Image Snow ImageSkier Use sub-directories to bundle resources. Image Sub-directory Common images and sounds are often put into a Common subdirectory.

  9. Try Typing Text with Effects Insert Hyperlinks MS Word style menu Font sub super scripts lists Colors and sizes

  10. Add A Table to Index.htlm Table menu Add element entries including hypertext Set rows and columns

  11. Add Image and Map Hot spots Select hot spot shape Select hot spot Link Use image edit menu

  12. Try an Page Enter Transition • In Page view, open the page for which you want to display the transition effect.  • On the Format menu, click Page Transition. • In the Event box, click the the event that will trigger the transition effect. For example, click Page enter to display the transition effect when a site visitor browses to the page for the first time. • In the Transition effect box, click the type of transition effect to use when the page is displayed or exited. • In the Duration box, type the amount of time that you want the transition effect to last. Going into page 3

  13. Make a Frame Web 1) FrontPage->File->new->page or wweb->new from template->page Templates->Frame Pages tab 3)See template and either insert existing pages or make new ones. I use top,left,and main text to identify the frames. 2)Select Banners and Content 4) Save the frame set I use “index” as the Frames Page and, top,left,main as the three new pages.

  14. Navigation and Targeting 2)Pop up lets you select link and Target Window 1)Add a hyperlink 3)Select “target frame” allows you to select the window in which to display the link.

  15. Add a Form • Insert a form on a page • Insert->form->form 2) Insert form elements\ Insert ->form-> select element 3) Arrange and label elements. Elements are placed along with typed letters by using tap space and CR typewriter functions. 4) Set properties

  16. Set Form Properties Form properties are the names of the fields , the groups, and selection values. They are set by right clicking an element and selecting “ form field properties” For example: The check boxes are given the same name “language” and values “english”,”german” respectively

  17. What to do with Results Right click select form properties then options