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William Micheal Elliott, President Union Mission, Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
William Micheal Elliott, President Union Mission, Inc.

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William Micheal Elliott, President Union Mission, Inc.

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  1. Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless Strategic Plan

  2. Vision A city free of homeless people Mission To partner with service providers and the community to help assist homeless and near homeless people in reaching self-sufficiency

  3. Organizational Profile The State Legislature created the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless in 1989. The intent was a comprehensive programmatic approach for the then increasing numbers of homeless people in the community.

  4. Purpose Through creative partnerships and an all-inclusive approach, Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless serves as the umbrella organization that provides planning and coordination for a city free of homeless people. As a direct result of this comprehensive approach, the Authority and its certified providers have reduce the number of homeless people by 45% since 1992. With continued collaboration with partner agencies, the Authority will fulfill its vision for a city free of homeless people.

  5. Role of Agency • Develop a comprehensive community based plan to respond to the needs of homeless people • Ensure maximum coordination among all service providers to achieve a seamless delivery of services • Serve as the primary entity to represent the needs of homeless people through advocacy and building community support • Contract with public and private agencies to implement programs and provide training and technical assistance. • Develop new and innovative funding sources crucial to the improvement and expansion of services • Develop and maintain a data collection system

  6. Organizational Chart

  7. Accomplishments of the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless Model The Bottom Line This collaborative, all-inclusive approach has enabled the number of homeless people to be reduced by 45% since 1992.

  8. Accomplishments • Quantified decrease in the number of homeless people • Sustainable results because of emphasis on: • Employment • Case Management • Permanent Housing • Self-sufficiency • Our future • Continue to impact the chronic homeless • 71% behavioral health needs • Primary care

  9. Total Number of Persons Served Non-Duplicated 1992-20 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 MEN 3690 3306 2273 2083 2113 1916 2083 1788 1620 2,025 2412 WOMEN 1082 967 598 540 685 625 612 539 522 977 1123 CHILDREN 1739 1398 1067 631 920 711 673 664 651 573 623 TOTALS 6511 5671 3938 3254 3718 3252 3368 2991 2793 3,575 4,158 % CHANGE FROM 1992 -13% -40% -50% -43% -50% -48% -54% -57% -45% -36%

  10. William Micheal Elliott,PresidentUnion Mission, Inc. • Employment: Since 1987, Micheal has been the President of Union Mission, Inc. in Savannah, Georgia. Union Mission is a series of housing and supportive services each targeting homeless men, families with children, persons living in recovery and persons living with AIDS. Under his leadership, it has grown from one facility in 1987 to nine facilities in 1998, representing services to over three hundred people each day of the year and the annual operations budget grew from $40,000 to over $3.9 million. • Prior to Union Mission, Micheal served as the Executive Director of the Louisville Coalition for the Homeless in Louisville, KY (1986-87) and as the Pastor/Director of the Jefferson Street Baptist Chapel in Louisville, KY (1979-1986). • Recognitions: In 2000, Micheal was the winner of a Community Leadership Award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In 1999, Union Mission was awarded the John G. Gunther Blue Ribbon Best Practices by HUD. The Georgia Hospital Association presented Union Mission with its "1999 Community Leadership Award". In 1993, Union Mission was the recipient of two Georgia Affordable Housing Awards; one for "Most Outstanding Entry for Emergency Shelter Provider" and for "Most Outstanding Entry for Special Needs Housing". • Micheal was also listed as an honored professional in American Professionals (1996-97 edition); was selected as a Community Hero to carry the Olympic Torch for the 1996 Olympics; his book, Why the Homeless Don’t Have Homes and what to do About it, was recognized as best paperback of the year in 1993 by the Mid-America Book Achievement Awards; he is a graduate of the 1990 class of LeadershipSavannah, and Micheal was a keynote speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Women’s Missionary Union at the 1985 Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, TX. • Publications: Micheal has published seven books: The Society of Salty Saints, (1987) Community of the Abandoned, (1989) Partners In Grace, (1991) Why the Homeless Don’t have Homes (1993), Running With the Dolphins (1995), Playing Hide and Seek: A Non-Church goers path to Finding God (1996) and Out From Under the Rock (2001) He has also had articles published in many national publications. • Education: Micheal is a graduate of Groves High School (1974), Georgia Southern University (1979), and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he received a Master’s of Divinity degree (1982) and a Master in Social Work (1986).