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Boudicca s Revolt

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Boudicca s Revolt

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  1. Boudicca’s Revolt Who was Boudicca? Why did she rebel against the Romans? Was her rebellion a success? What happened to her? Picture taken from

  2. Who was Boudicca? In AD 61 the Romans faced their most serious problem. The Celts were rebelling. This happened because Prasutagus, the King of the Iceni tribe had died. Prasutagus had always been friendly with the Romans, but his wife Boudicca did not agree with him. The Romans wanted Boudicca to pay lots of taxes and give up her throne, but she decided to fight back! Picture taken from

  3. Why did she rebel against the Romans? The Romans were demanding to be paid taxes and they wanted her to give up her throne. Boudicca decided to fight back! Soon other tribes joined the Iceni army and they marched to Colchester - this was the capital of Roman Britain. Boudicca and her army then attacked the town. They even burnt down a temple where elderly soldiers and families had been taking shelter. Next Boudicca led her army to London. Here, they burned down the city and killed hundreds of the people living there. Picture taken from

  4. Was her rebellion a success? The Roman army was away in Devon and North Wales when they heard about the rebellion. The Roman General in Devon was too scared to do anything about it and the General in Wales had to march all the way back down to London. It took a long time for him to reach London. Boudicca had lots of soldiers but the Roman army were very organised and well trained. After a long, hard battle the Britons were defeated.

  5. What happened to Boudicca? The Roman army was well trained and very organised. After a blood thirsty battle against Boudicca’s men, the Romans were victorious. Boudicca refused to be captured and live under Roman rule so she drank poison and died.