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two portraits of constantine l.
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Two Portraits of Constantine PowerPoint Presentation
Two Portraits of Constantine

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Two Portraits of Constantine

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  1. Two Portraits of Constantine Constantine according to Eusebius. Constantine according to Zosimus.

  2. Diocletian’s tetrarchy André Thevet The Tetrarchs. Corner of San Marco, Venice.

  3. Eusebius of Caesarea (263-339) • Bishop of Caesarea in Palestine • Follower of Origen • Wrote the first history of the Church • Knew Constantine personally • His portrait of the first Christian emperor

  4. Constantine’s dream

  5. Constantine. Follis. Constantinople AD 328

  6. Labarum Chi-Ro sign. Detail of 4th c. sarcophagus Coin from the time of Constans (337-350)

  7. San Vitale, Ravenna

  8. Christ defeating Satan.

  9. Two religions combined:Emperor Valens with the Labarum & the statue of Nike (364-7 AD)

  10. Emperor Valentinian I (364-375) holds labarum.4th c. coin (imitation).

  11. Constantine defeated Maxentius here. Milvian bridge near Rome

  12. Maxentius (the bad guy)

  13. Maxentius: Roma in temple. AD 308-310.

  14. Emperor Constantine the Great (d. 337)

  15. Constantine’s Arch in Rome (312-15).

  16. History repeats itself…

  17. Constantine as Invincible Sun

  18. Constantine’s ‘pagan vision’

  19. Vagueness of Civil Religion

  20. History as remembered or invented…

  21. Timeline • 303-311 The Great Persecution started by Diocletian • 312 Constantine defeats Maxentius; beginning of Constantine’s conversion • 313 Edict of Milan • 324 Constantine defeats Licinius and becomes sole emperor • 325 Council of Nicaea • 337 Constantine dies; empire is inherited by his two surviving sons

  22. Constantine & his four sons