The Importance of Feedback in Online Classes

The Importance of Feedback in Online Classes

Feedback helps students identify where they excel and where they need improvement. Online feedback redirects students to proper information and provides praise and confidence.

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About The Importance of Feedback in Online Classes

PowerPoint presentation about 'The Importance of Feedback in Online Classes'. This presentation describes the topic on Feedback helps students identify where they excel and where they need improvement. Online feedback redirects students to proper information and provides praise and confidence.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide2The Purpose of FeedbackThe purpose of feedback is to give students an appraisal of performance. Many times this feedback is to help the student improve performance of a specific skill or improve knowledge. Effective feedback can help the student realize areas of great performance and areas on which to improve.

Slide3Online Class Feedback Online feedback is vital to the success of student. This can redirect them to where the proper information is so they can relearn the objective. It can provide praise and confidence for many students and give a feeling of success.

Slide4Types of Feedback Dropbox       - Specific to student       - Overall class feedback Quiz       - Specific to question       - Remediation answer key Discussion      - Left in the forum itself      - Specific to a student in the gradebook

Slide5Dropbox feedback Feedback in the dropbox can be helpful when very specific to a concept. Items with multiple steps or submissions can but dated with items that have been checked, things that are still missing and overall progress and accuracy. Example below- 4 part submission project Excellent start to this project! Only 3 more steps! 2/4- 2 mores steps! Your calories seem pretty low on these. 2/5- Awesome job on these submissions! The only step you are missing is #4. It was suppose to be a graph of your results. Good job on this! 25 pts off

Slide6Missing assignment feedback The dropbox is a great area to leave feedback about a missing assignment. Here are some examples-  5/5- Jason, I did not receive a submission for this assignment. You can receive partial credit until 5/10. Please submit ASAP so you can earn partial credit. I miss seeing your creative work!

Slide7       Missing assignment feedback Here is another example-  No entry for this assignment. Partial credit given until 5/10. Please refer to GAVS late policy below- Many times the visual reminder is what it takes to get the work in.

Slide8Have your tried Audio Feedback? This is a great way to leave a personal message for students. You can include music and other formats to jazz it up.  Look at the graphic below-    

Slide9        Accommodation Feedback It is helpful to note items accepted after the due date due to accommodations or a re grade due to accommodations.  This is helpful for your DC or your QAS.

Slide10Rubric Feedback Using a rubric is an excellent way to give detailed feedback for a particular project or complicated assignment. Many of the new courses provide rubrics for students. This can set the expectations for the assignment.

Slide11Category20-16 15-11 10-6 5-0 Score Reason for eating or not eating meat. 2 each needed. 2 reasons for each were listed and are accurate. 1 reason for each were listed and are accurate. 1 reason for each were listed and are somewhat accurate. . Facts were often Inaccurate  and reasons were not well defined. 15- Listed one reason. Would love to see two in there for full credit. How society’s views are formed. 2 reasons listed. 2 were listed and are accurate 1 item was listed and are accurate 1 items was listed and somewhat accurate. No items were listed. 20- Good job listed these view points. Persuasive argument - 2 reasons listed for pros and cons. 2 reasons for each were listed and are accurate 2 reasons for each were listed but were not well defined. 1 reasons for each were listed and were somewhat accurate Few items were listed and were not well defined. 18- I really like they way you listed out all of the pros, but I think you could have explained the cons a little better. Grammar All grammar is effective and balanced with text use. All grammar is effective, but there appear to be too few or too many. Some grammar is effective and their use is balanced with text use. Several Grammar items are  not effective. 20- Perfect grammar! Use of Program. Name of Program: _________ Student took full advantage of the program and used several functions. Student took advantage of the program and used several functions. Student took advantage of the program and used 1function. Student did not take advantage of the program. 20- I like the program you used. Prezi is a great format for presenting information. Total

Slide12Creative Feedback Many times students enjoy seeing animated clipart in the feedback area. You can do this a few different ways- Insert saved files from your computer using animation factory or other free sites Create a power point slide with different points of reference and save it or screen shot it. Create a cartoon on toondoo or another site and insert that image.

Slide13Examples of Creative Feedback Amazing job on this quiz! Looks like you understand the elements of good nutrition!  

Slide14      Examples of Creative Feedback I really enjoyed the information you shared about your diet. It seems like you have a well balanced plan. I would love to see you incorporate a little more fruit. How about cucumbers?  

Slide15              Power Point Stamps

Slide16Acceleration Feedback is a great opportunity to accelerate a lesson. Here are some ideas- Link an appropriate article or website Attach a copy of an accelerated lesson or article Insert a question or formula in the feedback area that they can respond to via email.

Slide17 Remediation Feedback is also a good time to remediate. Giving students extra reading resources, linking brain pop quizzes, and resources within the course can help. A teacher can also explain a concept by attaching a document, basically re teaching the concept Lastly, a teacher can attach the answer sheet to the feedback area for extra help.

Slide18                Quiz Feedback Feedback on quizzes can often be one of the more time consuming types of feedback. Choose the most commonly missed questions (use analytics tool here) and create a master sheet for those. That allows you to copy and paste in the items. Linking back to the content where is the answer is would be helpful as well.

Slide19                    Quiz Feedback Feed back Example  

Slide20                    Quiz Feedback When a student earns a high score this is a great place to leave an animated clipart and a simple phrase. Example-                            Awesome job!!!        

Slide21                Quick Feedback In my opinion, one of easiest ways to provide feedback is the following way- 1 st                         2nd

Slide22                 Quiz Feedback Cont. 3 rd                                                  4th

Slide23                Discussion Often times, the discussion area is a great way to show praise for student work. Student enjoy getting a compliment in front of their peers. Example- Rachel- Your explanation of Georgia’s graduated license program is an excellent example of the benefits of this program. I appreciate you taking the time to create a thoughtful response which also included no grammar or spelling issues.

Slide24                   Discussion This is also a great area to help remediate a discussion posting. Attaching additional resources to a forum or posting part of an article or information from a website is helpful Example- Richard- I am so glad you are off to a good start in the class. I would love to see more of your thoughts in this discussion area. If you have trouble formulating a response, here is some additional information that might help. I would love to see you earn full credit on this assignment. ( link article or website here)

Slide25           Overall feedback Overall feedback-   Example-

Slide26                 Individual Feedback This example shows the overall and individual feedback.

Slide27                Overall Example Another example of overall feedback

Slide28    Announcement Feedback A neat way to provide feedback (praise) is a conditional release of an announcement.

Slide29         Announcement Example

Slide30     Announcement Feedback Video Note- This is a great way to provide very personal feedback. You can create a personal announcement and dress up like a character from history or an exercise g`uru for personal fitness class. See the icon here to insert this-

Slide31      In conclusion….. I believe that to make the online environment engaging and successful, we have to personalize the experience. Giving quality feedback to students can help elevate their experience. We have to make sure that each student has the best possible experience that GAVS has to offer!!!