Texas Education Agency Implements FG10 for Student Fitness Assessment

Texas Education Agency Implements FG10 for Student Fitness Assessment

Texas Education Agency (TEA) and The Cooper Institute have upgraded to FG10, a web-based fitness assessment software, for health-related assessments in Texas school districts, speeding up annual data collection.

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About Texas Education Agency Implements FG10 for Student Fitness Assessment

PowerPoint presentation about 'Texas Education Agency Implements FG10 for Student Fitness Assessment'. This presentation describes the topic on Texas Education Agency (TEA) and The Cooper Institute have upgraded to FG10, a web-based fitness assessment software, for health-related assessments in Texas school districts, speeding up annual data collection.. The key topics included in this slideshow are Texas Education Agency, The Cooper Institute, FG10, fitness assessment, web-based software,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. Texas Education Agency Texas Education Agency The Cooper Institute The Cooper Institute Human Kinetics Human Kinetics

2. Texas has been using the F ITNESS G RAM (FG) health-related fitness assessment since SY07- 08 per SB530. At that time, private funding paid for all TX districts to receive FG desktop software. TEA has been gathering data annually with districts uploading FG scores in the Spring. state 2013: During the 83 rd TX legislative session, funding was approved to support the upgrade to FG 10 state software program for districts. FG 10 is a web-based, data collection system.

3. Announcement informationA few key points: FG 10 is available to districts free of charge to upgrade to the FG 10 state software version . Deadline to opt in/register is 5/31/2015. Registration online form Authorized individual needs to sign up/opt in/register for FG 10 for entire district. Online form on web site; worksheet available. FAQ online. FG10 Training District IT staff in Jan; trainings for PE teachers in Feb/March. Documents and webinar recordings to be posted. New PACER calculation no longer requires entry of height and weight New BMI standards - Healthy Fitness Zone standards now in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) growth charts (commonly used by pediatricians). Teacher app available for entering scores; cost is $4.99 iPad/iPhone/Android devices. Email student and parent reports from the state software .

4. When you register/opt in for FG 10 state software, you receive the following: Site licenses for each school in your district Technical support from HK Web hosting from The Cooper Institute FG manuals for each school in your district (#s from TEA) Eight keycodes for each school: provides PE teachers access to the FG online course: PDF of FG manual Test administration videos All cadences in downloadable format for any device New FG10 Student app free - Available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Complete with ACTIVITYGRAM surveys and reliable FITNESSGRAM Knowledge Tests (also available in PDF format).

5. State Server School A School B School C Region or Program Server The FG 10 state software is installed at The Cooper Institute. All TX districts/schools have been added and deactivated. In order to receive access: 1. Sign up for the software via the registration form on FG website. 2. HK works with your SIS vendor to create the extract of student information for import. 3. Once the SIS extract file is approved by HK, your district is activated. You will receive admin logins to the software for your import. Note: FG State software currently used in DE, NJ, GA, KS, and Miami Dade school district.

6. State program is one software version. The software is hosted at The Cooper Institute. There is nothing to install locally; no need to maintain a server environment within your district. FG 10 state program is a public web site with its own unique URL. All users can access from anywhere with an Internet connection. Report FG scores to TEA. With use of the FG state software, there is no need to annually export data to TEA. Done within the program and users do not have to do anything. RECOMMENDATION: RECOMMENDATION: If you are currently using your FG 8 or 9 software now, then continue to do so for this SY, but register for FG 10 now to be prepared for 2014-15 SY.

7. SIS Vendors/independent districts: Trainings held in Dec 2013 for vendors/districts not affiliated with a vendor to create a specific extract for districts to use. Extract is based on a series of constraints for teacher/class/student information District IT: Receive access to the state software once their SIS vendor extract is tested and approved by HK. If district is not affiliated with a vendor, then that extract needs to be tested and approved by HK before receiving access. Physical education teachers: Once their IT has imported the extract and everything appears correct, then our instructions will be for the PE teacher to log into the FG software and begin to enter scores and run reports for students and parents.

8. FG 10 Database CI/HK add all districts and their schools. All are made inactive. This step completed. Extract for import is prepared HK works with SIS vendors and districts not affiliated with a vendor to create the extract for import into the software. All extracts must be tested/approved by HK. Once that is done, extract is ready to import into the software. CI activates districts with approved extracts and creates admin logins for the district IT. IT imports Teachers enter scores District IT request the extract and imports the file using their login. If everything is correct, PE teachers login and enter scores and run relevant reports. Data is entered and available to TEA at any time via a click of a button. Districts will not be allowed to import historical data from current FG 8 and FG 9 software.

9. URL https://texas.fgontheweb.com/Region/login.aspx The FG 10 program is accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. We recommend a stable, secure, and fast connection. Remember this is a public web site. Please keep that in mind when importing your teacher/class/student information. Also, safeguard your loginuser name and password. Do not give out your login to anyone.

10. There are web browser requirements for FG 10. Please make sure your school or home computer meets these requirements so that you can import teachers/classes/students into FG 10. Internet Explorer 7-10 Firefox 3 Fitnessgram 10 does not support Safari nor Google Chrome

11. This training document is only for the process of importing teachers/classes/students into the FG 10 software. The import process should only be done by district IT staff. The import file used in this process should address all schools within a district. If the import file is requested from a state vendor, use the file name: FG 10 Extract 2014 CORRECT Note: Your vendor may have created extracts for your FG 8 or FG 9 installations. Please be sure to pull the CORRECT extract for FG 10.

12. In FG 10 you will import information to create the necessary data relationships of teacher, class, and student. These data relationships must be established before you can use any features in the program, such as creating Fitnessgram test events and entering scores. The vendor extract required for FG 10 state software is based on defined constraints for each field. Software requires unique IDs for teachers/classes/students. You will first need to download your Fitnessgram 10 file from your vendor (Infinite Campus, Power School, etc). Your vendor will provide you with instructions for downloading the file. File name to request: FG 10 Extract 2014 DO NOT DO NOT edit any of the information in the vendor-created FG 10 extract.

13. Login information is defined as a User Name and a Password. You will need both to access FG 10. To obtain IT login for the import process: Your user name and password will be emailed to you via the site after your district is activated. Activation occurs after your vendors FG10 extract file passes the testing phase and is approved. Forgotten your user name and password? You will be able to select the Forgotten Password link to have it emailed again. Please add fgreports@fgontheweb.com as a trusted sender in order to prevent FG reports and emails from being caught in Spam filters.

14. At the FG 10 login screen, do the following: 1. Select your state 2. Select your district 3. Select your school 4. Enter your User Name and Password 5. Click the Log In Now button https://texas.fgontheweb.com/Region/login.aspx

15. This is the main screen of FG 10. 1. Your name should be at top left with your school and permission level. All IT will have District Admin as the security level. 2. Click on the Utilities icon at left. The light green area above is dynamic and will display messages for users.

16. Click on the Import and Export button.

17. Click on the Custom Import button. Note: The capability to import from your FG 8 or FG 9 software has been disabled in order to ensure a stable database for the state software.

18. All imports are Scheduled by default. You will not be able to select to run your import in Real Time. This places your import file in a queue and it will be processed in the order it is received. Email notifications will be sent when the import is completed.

19. Since your vendor has created an automated extract for you with the fields already in the default order, the only format available is the combined Custom Student, Teacher, Class data all together. DO NOT DO NOT edit any of the information in the vendor FG 10 extract.

20. Select the Match option of ID number.

21. This import makes it possible to import 45 fields of student, teacher, and class related data. Note: The order is already set within the vendor extract file. There is no need to reorder or remove fields for your file. If you edit the default order your file will not match the fields and corrupt your data or fail to import. (The order has already been set in your vendor file. No need to make selections or remove anything here. Skip to next step.)

22. Click the Browse button to navigate to the filepath where your vendor Fitnessgram 10 extract file is located. Issue of duplicate IDs is covered in the next slide.

23. Click the Allow duplicate IDs checkbox if you have students that will be imported into more than one class. If your students are only in one class in your import file you may want to leave this unchecked so the import process will find duplicates and report the errors to you. IT staff may want to check to see if the possibility of students being in more than one physical education class exists for the import file in order to choose accordingly.

24. Click the Upload button to upload your import file to be added to the import queue.

25. The import file is submitted here and scheduled for importing. It is added to the queue to be processed in order of submission. You will receive an email when the import completes processing. Once your file is processed you will see your rosters and can verify your import was successful.

26. After submitting your import file, you can come back to the Import Log to see the status of the import and if there were any errors reported from the import process.

27. Status Explanation Submitted The import file was received and is in line for processing as soon as possible. Shows Percentage Is currently processing and the percentage will increase until completed. Finished Has completed and you can view your rosters or error log file.

28. Once you have imported your file, please check the program to see if everything is as expected for teachers/classes/students: Click on the My Classes icon Select a teacher View the classes listed for that teacher View the student rosters for that class If teachers/classes/students are not as expected, then please review your import file. Contact Human Kinetics technical support if you have questions regarding the import process. Please indicate that Texas and your district name in subject line of your email: support@hkusa.com

29. January 2014: SIS vendors/independent districts have their extract tested, approved, and final by Human Kinetics. January 2014: District IT trainings for requesting and using the extract for import into FG 10. February 2014: PE teacher trainings for the FG10 Software. Dates and times are posted on TX web page Feb 2, 2014 through June 6, 2014: FG 10 state software is open for access. Same timeline for current PFAI process. NOTE: Current upload of FG scores to TEA still available for 2013-14 SY. No decision has been made for 2014-15 SY. February 5, 2014: TEA TETN information session for ESCs. Sign up via TEA. May 31, 2015: Deadline for districts to register/opt in for free upgrade to FG 10 state software.

30. All All technical questions on the vendor extract creation process or the district import process: Vette Wolf, FG Technical Support Manager vettew@hkusa.com 800-747-4457 ext. 2352 Overall information and/or project questions: Texas Education Agency: Kathy Goodlett Kathy.Goodlett@tea.state.tx.us Cooper Institute: Catherine Vowell cvowell@cooperinst.org Human Kinetics: Kathy Read kathyr@hkusa.com www.fitnessgram.net/texas for updated information