Understanding Religion and the History of Christianity

Understanding Religion and the History of Christianity

This article delves into the meaning of religion and how it influences crucial aspects of human life, such as emotions, beliefs about the afterlife, as well as the present and future. An

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About Understanding Religion and the History of Christianity

PowerPoint presentation about 'Understanding Religion and the History of Christianity'. This presentation describes the topic on This article delves into the meaning of religion and how it influences crucial aspects of human life, such as emotions, beliefs about the afterlife, as well as the present and future. An. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Do you really knowThe meaning of religion And history of Christianity

Slide2What is religionExplains What Humans Think Influences • Lives • Emotions • World • Afterlife • Future


Slide4WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY ANDWHY STUDY • Jewish reform movement • Based on life and teachings of Jesus • Christianity changes Rome and Rome changes Christianity • Christianity has a vast effect on the entire world and history from this time forward

Slide5How much do you know1. The earliest writing in the New Testament is A. Matthew B. Mark C. Paul's letters D. none of the above 2. The earliest Christian congregations met in A. Catacombs B. Cathedrals C. Mosques D. Houses 3. The most Jewish of the Gospels is A. Matthew B. Mark C. Luke D. John

Slide6How much do you know 24. The Gospels A. reflect the growing tensions between the followers of Jesus and other Jews B. were written for particular Christian communities in the aftermath of the First Revolt C. present distinctive stories of the life and death of Jesus D. all of the above E. none of the above 5. The region of Galilee during the time of Jesus' career was ruled by A. Herod the Great B. Antipas, a son of Herod C. Pontius Pilate, a Roman governor 6. The Gospel of Thomas is A. another account of the death of Jesus B. a collection of Jesus' sayings attributed to the apostle Thomas C. a lost book of the Bible D. none of the above

Slide7How much do you know 37. Masada was A. a fortified city built by Herod the Great B. the scene of the final conflict of the First Jewish Revolt C. a symbol of Jewish resistance and freedom D. a later story told by the Jewish historian Josephus E. all of the above 8.  The growth of the Christian canon in the second century reflects A. growing concerns over Christian unity B. the beginning of the printing press C. official Roman sanctioning of Christianity D. the birth of university education 9. Pax Romana refers to A. a Jewish protest against Roman rule B. Roman imperial policy for administering the provinces C. an Italian cheese dish D. all of the above 10. Roman persecution of Christians A. resulted from Jewish attacks B. resulted from the Christians becoming separate from Judaism C. became an official law in 30 CE D. killed many thousands of martyrs

Slide8Does anyone really know whatJesus looked like?

Slide9Who was Jesus? Why was heimportant? • Born in Judea (in modern day Israel) • Born around 6-4 BCE. • Worked with father Joseph as a carpenter until age 30 • Began ministry at age 30 • Had message of love and caring even to one’s enemies and believing in Monotheistic God of the Jews • Crucified by Romans around 30 AD for treason or starting upset

Slide10What did others say about Jesus? • <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/qrHsLv3SJ8s &hl=en"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/qrHsLv3SJ8s&hl =en" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object> • Why do the Romans want to kill Jesus? Why did others?