Marin Community College District's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Guiding Principals

Marin Community College District's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Guiding Principals

Briefing for Citizen's Oversight Committee on CIP, including involvement of board, architect, and campus construction managers. Guiding principals aimed to maintain one college concept, provide accessible courses, and develop Indian Valley Campus as an educational park with career education campus and autonomous educational institutions.

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About Marin Community College District's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Guiding Principals

PowerPoint presentation about 'Marin Community College District's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Guiding Principals'. This presentation describes the topic on Briefing for Citizen's Oversight Committee on CIP, including involvement of board, architect, and campus construction managers. Guiding principals aimed to maintain one college concept, provide accessible courses, and develop Indian Valley Campus as an educational park with career education campus and autonomous educational institutions.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

Presentation Transcript

1. Marin Community College District CIP Briefing – Citizen’s Oversight Committee May 3, 2005

2. Organization Board of Trustees Modernization Committee President’s Cabinet District Architect TBD M&O Program Manager Indian Valley Campus Construction Mgr Kentfield Campus Construction Mgr College of Marin - CIP

3. Guiding Principals for the District  Maintain the organizational concept of one college with two campuses.  Provide appropriate and attractive courses for the entire county in the most efficient yet easily accessible manner.  Develop the Indian Valley Campus as a specialized “educational park” to complement the Kentfield Campus and enrich the District through increased use of existing facilities. The IVC will house the workforce development / career education campus of the College of Marin and various separate and autonomous educational institutions ranging from a charter high school to upper level and graduate schools. The park will have a single administration to facilitate its purposes.

4. Guiding Principals for the District (cont.)  Respect the Native American archaeological sites on both campuses.  Develop completely accessible campuses.  Practice good stewardship of the environment of Marin County.  Continue the tradition of good stewardship of the public capital invested in College facilities through maintenance, renovation, and remodeling (i.e., capital renewal).  Build sustainable buildings when new construction is required or when existing buildings are modernized.

5. Guiding Principals for the Kentfield Campus  Reestablish the spirit of the Original Campus Plan of 1938.  View of Mount Tamalpais from campus commons and from buildings  View of Commons from Sir Francis Drake Boulevard  Campanile or Bell Tower as a visual marker and Campus icon. This may well be integrated as part of a replacement building  Amphitheater (enhanced “people place”)  Embracing of Corte Madera Creek as landscape feature integrated with the campus Unified architectural style (a “family” of buildings)

6. Guiding Principals for the Kentfield Campus (cont.)  Develop a new and contemporary architectural vocabulary for the design of new buildings in harmony with the original architectural style— “ Neo Art Deco Missionesque ”— as exemplified by the existing Fusselman Hall (1940) and the demolished Harlan Hall (1929).

7. Guiding Principals for Site Development  Prepare and maintain a campus plan update.  Prepare and maintain a new topographic survey, including flood elevation section specific to Corte Madera Creek at the campus.  Create a “sense of place” with numerous student-gathering spaces.  Develop a “public edge” along the entire College Avenue frontage; consider lease space for businesses that complement the College, such as the "Tacqueria”.  Connect and blend the “physical education” campus (“east campus”) and the lower area of the original campus (“west campus”) with the upper area.

8. Guiding Principals for Site Development (cont.)  Create a perimeter identity for the campus—a “sense of location” and a “sense of arrival”.  Carefully consider impacts of the campus on the surrounding neighborhoods.

9. Project Recommendations for Site Development  New Entrance Plaza at College Ave. and Sir Francis Drake Blvd.  Enhanced Perimeter Landscaping  New Campanile (may be integrated as part of a building)

10. Guiding Principals for Utilities  Prepare and maintain a detailed utilities map for the external utilities lines and all internal utilities lines.  Plan for a Central Heating and Cooling Plant and distribution system.  Plan all new and modernized buildings that precede the development of a Central Plant for eventual attachment to the Central Plant distribution system.

11. Guiding Principals Parking & Pedestrian Linkages  Monitor parking supply ratio constantly and adjust parking supply as necessary to maintain the existing ratio.  Construct parking structures only when there is no other option for maintaining the parking supply ratio with surface lots.  When parking structures are constructed, plan for mixed use on the ground floor and for a handsome appearance.

12. Project Recommendations for Parking & Pedestrian Linkages  New Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge across Corte Madera Greek  Improved Campus Accessibility  New Wayfinding System

13. Demographics  Kentfield Campus (KTD) - Kentfield – Built – Original Buildings Date Back to 1926 – Acreage – 87 Acres / 373,806 sf / 18 Buildings – Parking – 1,774  Indian Valley Campus (IVC) - Novato – Built - 1975 – Acreage - 333 Acres / 171,549 sf / 22 Buildings – Parking - 900  District-wide – 6,943 Students – 5,334 Student FTES – 287 Faculty and Staff

14. Kentfield Campus (KTD)

15. Kentfield Campus (KTD)

16. Kentfield Campus Tentative Project List  Modernization of Learning Resource Center – 66,000 gsf  Modernization of Harlan Center – 25,651 gsf  Modernization of Fusselman Hall – 14,717 gsf  Modernization of Science Center – 50,837 gsf  Modernization of Fine Arts Center – 79,636 gsf  Modernization of Student Center – 36,227 gsf  Modernization of Diamond Physical Ed Center – 36,392 gsf  Multi-purpose, Child Care & Support Facility – 75,000 gsf – New Construction  Liberal Arts Complex or Science Building - 75,000 gsf – New Construction  Facilities Maintenance Center 30,000 gsf – New Construction  Gateway Entrance Plaza – New Construction

17. Indian Valley Campus (IVC)

18. Indian Valley Campus (IVC)

19. Indian Valley Campus Tentative Projects List  Modernization of Pomo Center - 47,494 gsf  Modernization of Administrative & Children’s Center - 19,588 gsf  Capital Renewal & Expansion of Central Plant - 2,000 gsf  Capital Renewal of Library – 14,280 gsf  Capital Renewal of Miwok Cluster – 28,410 gsf  Capital Renewal of Ohlone Cluster – 20,543  Pedestrian Bridges

20. District-Wide Tentative Projects List  Telecommunications  Infrastructure – Site – Parking & Roadways – Utilities (Sanitary, Storm, Electrical, Gas)  Fire Alarm Replacement  Access Controls  ADA Accessibility Improvements  Signage

21. District-wide Management and Consulting  District-wide Master Planning with District-wide Design Consultant  Program Definition  Establish District Standards and Design Criteria  Overall Campus Wide Construction Projects  Coordination with District and College Staff  Conducts Design & Code Reviews Roles & Responsibilities

22. Roles & Responsibilities (cont.)  Implements Campus Design Plan with Design Consultants  Manages Multiple Projects  Ensures Quality Control  Overall Campus Logistics & Job Site Safety  Overall Construction Inspections & Testing  Project Controls

23. Roles & Responsibilities (cont.) Working with Project Specific Designers :  Implements Campus Design Plan  Overall Project Budget Consulting  Design & Code Constructability Reviews  Generate Detailed Project Schedules  Manage & Maintain Project Documents  Conduct Project Value Engineering Studies

24. Design Consultant Categories A/E Consultant Acoustics and Acoustics/Audiovisual Arborist Architect Architect & Planners Architects & Engineers CEQA Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Energy Consultants Energy, Utility & Telecom Infrastructure FF & E Consultants Fire Protection – Alarms Fire Protection – Sprinklers Geotechnical Industrial Hygienist Inspector of Record IT Data & Telecom Laboratory Planner Landscape Landscape and Planning Legal MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers) Planner Security / Access Control Sports Structural Engineer Testing and Inspection Theatre Consultants

25. District Architectural & Site Development Services  Master Planning  Program Definition  Facilities Assessment  District Standards  Design Guidelines

26. District Landscape Architect Services  Master Planning  District Standards  Design Guidelines

27. District Civil Engineering  Update all Surveys (Topographic & Boundary)  Locate, map, Identify, Inspect & Analyze all Utilities  Identify all Easements & Encumbrances on District Property  Create Accurate Electronic “As-Built” / Record Drawings that Record all Above Information  Develop District Standards and Design Guidelines

28. District Geotechnical Engineering  Collect and Synthesize all Existing Soils Testing and Analysis Information  Recommend and/or Perform Additional Soils Testing & Analysis  Perform Fault Analysis  Provide Design parameters for Building and Infrastructure Design

29. Energy Consultant  Audit, Review, Assess & Identify Potential Items for Energy & Resource Construction  Develop list of potential projects  Develop costs & schedules for each  Develop execution in plan for all projects approved

30. Electrical Engineering  Substations  Co-Generation  Electrical Distribution Systems  Lighting  Savings by Design  Control Systems  MCC

31. Inspection of Record Services  DSA Certified  Full-time  Hired Direct by District

32. Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FFE)  Comfort  Functionality  Life Cycle Costs  Standards  Accessibility (as related to furniture)  Ergonomics

33. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)  Provides review, analysis & studies to assess the District’s development plan and its impact on the environment in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act.  Prepares & Produces Required Documentation – Negative Declaration – Mitigated Negative Declaration – Environmental Impact Report(s)

34. Consultant Services The Process & The Timeline  Advertisement & Marketing  Prebid Briefing (Mandatory)  Issue Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposal (RFQ/RFP)  RFQ Due  Paper Screen Statements & Development of Short List  Selection Committee Interviews Short-Listed Firms  Contract Award  Contract Negotiation  BOT Approves Contract  Notice to Proceed  Commencement of Services

35. Professional Construction Consultants Selection Process Schedule of Notifications Longlist/Shortlist by Category Landscape Architect May 3 rd Civil Engineer May 3 rd District-wide Architect May 3 rd Structural Engineer May 3 rd MEP Engineer May 3 rd Geotechnical Engineer May 3 rd Industrial Hygienist May 3 rd Environmental Planner (CEQA) May 10 th All Other Consultant Categories June 1 st Legal Counsel June 3 rd Energy Consultant June 10 th

36. Schedule of Interviews (Priority Consultant Categories Only) District-wide Services Landscape Architect Friday, May 20 th AM Civil Engineer Friday, May 20 th PM Structural Engineer Monday, May 23 rd AM MEP Engineer Monday, May 23 rd PM District-wide Architect Tuesday, May 24 th (Entire Day) Geotechnical Engineer Wednesday, May 25 th AM Industrial Hygienist Wednesday, May 25 th PM Environmental Planner (CEQA) Thursday, May 26 th AM Legal Counsel July 7 th or 8 th Energy Consultant July 7 th or 8 th

37. Next Steps  Ed Plan – Road map to future  Space Inventory  District Architect (Design /Bldg standards)  District Surveys (CEQA/Civil/Geo/Energy)  Program Definition – Scope / Schedule / Budget

38. Questions & Answers Dave Kirn Program Manager (415) 710-2248 Elizabeth Tucker Senior Project Field Administrator (415) 271-6658


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