Volusia County Schools Climate Survey

Volusia County Schools Climate Survey

Take part in our climate survey as a student, parent, faculty/staff member to help improve our school environment. Be honest and share what you know to be true.

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About Volusia County Schools Climate Survey

PowerPoint presentation about 'Volusia County Schools Climate Survey'. This presentation describes the topic on Take part in our climate survey as a student, parent, faculty/staff member to help improve our school environment. Be honest and share what you know to be true.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. Student Survey http://myvolusiaschools.org/school-advisory- council/Pages/Climate-Surveys.aspx

2. Survey for Parents Survey for Early Elementary Students Survey for Elementary Students Survey for Secondary Students Survey for Faculty & Staff

3. Please do not work ahead. Some of the questions might be hard to understand. Be honest. Share only what you know to be true. Think about the whole school not just one teacher or situation. Lets do 1-4. When everyone is ready, we will click next.

4. Purpose and Direction = Strongly Agree 4 = Agree 3 = Neutral 2 = Disagree 1 = Strongly Disagree 0 = Not Applicable 1.In my school, programs and services are available to help me succeed. (**We have elective programs, clubs, mentoring, BYOT, advanced classes, classes for high school credit, Spanish, regular classes, remedial classesmany programs and services to meet the needs of every student). 2. In my school, the purpose and expectations are clearly explained to me and my family. (**Via ConnectEd, Edmodo, Remind 101, Website, Pinnacle, Open House, etc). 3. In my school, a high quality education is offered. (**All teachers follow the curriculum maps to ensure high quality is being offered). 4. In my school, all students are treated with respect. (**Think overall) 5. In my school, teachers work together to improve student learning. (**Teachers have all sorts of meetingsbefore, during, and after school). Click NEXT

5. 6. In my school, rules are applied equally to all students. (**Again, think overall). 7. In my school, students treat adults with respect. (**Think about the majority of the students). 8. In my school, the principal and teachers have high expectations of me. (**Do your teachers and your principal want you to do your best?) Click NEXT

6. 9. My school gives me multiple assessments to check my understanding of what was taught. (**Assessments are formatives or summatives.any time they ask you a question or give you an assignment they are checking for your understanding). 10. My school provides me with challenging curriculum and learning experiences. 11. My school prepares me to deal with issues I may face in the future. (**BYOT, developing good thinking skills with Common Core, mentoring, Career Extravaganza 8 th grade) 12. My school motivates me to learn new things. 13. My school offers opportunities for my family to become involved in school activities and my learning. (**Pinnacle, Open House, Science & SS Fairs, they are encouraged to join PTSA and sign up to volunteer). 14. My school makes sure there is at least one adult who knows me well and shows interest in my education and future.

7. 15. My school provides learning services for me according to my needs. (**We provide services for students with special needs; classes from regular to advanced) 16. All of my teachers use a variety of teaching methods and learning activities to help me develop the skills I will need to succeed. (**Whole group, working in pairs/groups, BYOT, centers, Edmodo, etc) 17. All of my teachers change their teaching to meet my learning needs. 18. All of my teachers explain their expectations for learning and behavior so I can be successful. 19. All of my teachers use tests, projects, presentations, and portfolios to check my understanding of what was taught. 20. All of my teachers provide me with information about my learning and grades. (**Pinnacle, grade print-outs) 21. All of my teachers keep my family informed of my academic progress. (**Pinnacle, emails, phone calls, grade printouts) 22. All of my teachers fairly grade and evaluate my work. Click NEXT

8. 23. In my school, the building and grounds are safe, clean, and provide a healthy place for learning. 24. In my school, students respect the property of others. (**Think about the vast majority, not just 1 or 2 kids) 25. In my school, a variety of resources are available to help me succeed (e.g., teaching staff, technology, media center, computer labs, laptop carts, iPad carts, iPad sets). 26. In my school, computers are up to date and used by teachers to help me learn. (**BYOT, 2 labs in the MC, Math lab, Reading lab, iPad carts, Laptops carts) 27. In my school, students help each other even if they are not friends. 28. In my school, I can participate in activities that interest me. (**Clubs, sports, mentoring) 29. In my school, I have access to counseling, career planning, and other programs to help me in school. Click NEXT

9. 30. My school shares information about school success with my family and community members. (**Via ConnectEd, Website, Marquis, Newsletter) 31. My school considers students opinions when planning ways to improve the school. (**We read all of your responses from this survey last year!) 32. My school prepares me for success in the next school year. Click NEXT

10. Open Ended Questions Please write your responses below. 1. What do you like best about your school? 2. What do you like least about your school? 3. What is one suggestion you would like to offer to improve your school? Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! Click FINISH but do not turn it off.