Sexually Transmitted Diseases Infections Assignment

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Infections Assignment

This assignment focuses on creating awareness about sexually transmitted infections and diseases. As a group, you will be working on creating a flyer or brochure and a presentation that will inform others about the various

About Sexually Transmitted Diseases Infections Assignment

PowerPoint presentation about 'Sexually Transmitted Diseases Infections Assignment'. This presentation describes the topic on This assignment focuses on creating awareness about sexually transmitted infections and diseases. As a group, you will be working on creating a flyer or brochure and a presentation that will inform others about the various. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Sexually TransmittedDiseases/Infections Assignment  Assignment Description  Your Task  To Get Started  What must be included  References  Checklist for flyer/brochure  Checklist for presentation  Self-reflection rubric Mr.  Stetler

Slide2Assignment Description• Description :  You will be working on a group project (3-4 in a group).  Each group member should be assigned a job.  The following is a list of jobs necessary in order to complete the assignment. 1. Research person   - Gather information on the STD/STI and narrow the information down to what is specifically related to the assignment.  2.  Computer person  - Person familiar and comfortable on working with computers.  3.   Creative/Idea person  -  Person responsible for creating a presentation, responsible for art work, pictures, brochures, etc...  4.   Class Activity person - Student responsible for developing a 3-5 minute activity related to your STD/STI to get the class actively involved.         Presenter (s) -  Should involve the entire group; give actual presentation to the class, make sure all parts are included (10-15 minute presentation). Your Task

Slide3Your TaskYour group will be assigned  one  STD/STI listed below.  You will be given two days in the library to research information on the internet and a hot list will be provided.  Chlamydia  Gonorrhea  Herpes  HPV – Human Papillomavirus  Syphilis  HIV

Slide4To Get StartedYour creation:  After you gather the information, your group must create and present the information to the class.    You must provide a  copy of the information  to the class in either  a  flyer  or     brochure format   (other ideas may be approved by the teacher).    Your presentation must involve everyone in the group and  must include a     visual aide   (poster, pictures, drawings, power point, etc…) that must be    approved by the teacher.    Your presentation may include a summary of information, review, game,     or any method approved by the teacher that will  get your classmates      involved .    The presentation must range from  10-15 minutes in length . 

Slide5What Must be IncludedYou must provide information on the following:     Whether the disease is a bacteria or a virus (and what that means)   Signs and symptoms   How its transmitted   Which parts of your body it will affect   Treatments or cures    How to avoid contracting this STD/STI   Target age (if provided)    Appropriate  and approved pictures (close-ups are most effective)    Interesting facts/statistics/additional information.    How it affects teenagers   Where can you get tested?             - (Remember to list all your sources.)

Slide6ReferencesCenter for Disease Control: Teen Health: Web MD: STD Symptoms: And many more…  (please copy the URL for me if you find a good site.)

Slide7Checklist for Flyer/Brochure Make sure the following questions are answered on your flyer or brochure:  Did your group verify if the sexually transmitted disease/infection is a virus or bacteria?  Did your group summarize the signs and symptoms of this particular sexually transmitted disease/infection?  Did your group illustrate the dangers of acquiring this particular sexually transmitted disease/infection?  Did your group recommend what to do if a person finds out that he/she is infected?  Where can/should a person be tested for STI’s?  Did your group make recommendations to help reduce the chance of acquiring that particular sexually transmitted disease/infection?  Did your group justify the information provided through a list of sources?

Slide8Checklist for Presentation Do you have enough copies of your flyer for each student in the class?  Is your Visual Aide completed and ready to be used during your presentation?  Did your group design an informative presentation communicating the importance of preventing the transmission of your sexually transmitted disease/infection?  Did your group develop a creative way to get the class involved in your presentation?  Did each group member have a role during the presentation?  Make sure the following questions are answered in your presentation:

Slide9Self-evaluation rubric   Answer the following questions about your assignment by circling Yes or No and by rating your effectiveness on a scale of 1-4 (4 being the best). 1.   Did your group verify if the sexually transmitted disease/infection is a virus or bacteria? 2.  Did your group summarize the signs and symptoms of this particular sexually transmitted disease/infection? 3. Did your group illustrate the dangers of acquiring this particular sexually transmitted disease/infection? 4. Did your group develop a creative activity to get the class involved during your presentation?       5. Did your group make recommendations to help reduce the chance of acquiring that particular sexually transmitted disease/infection? 6. How would you evaluate your project? Yes     No Yes    No Yes    No Yes    No Yes    No Yes    No Circle one Circle one 1 2  3  4 1  2  3  4 1  2  3  4 1  2  3  4 1  2  3  4 1  2  3  4

Slide101.All Deadlines met-------------------------------- 2. Flyer/Brochure----------------------------------- 3. Work/Research Habits------------------------- 4. Visual Aide (Power Point/Poster board)---- 5. Creative activity: presentation---------------- 6. Demonstration of knowledge: presentation 7. Impact and Relevance to Teens--------------- Period: _____A/B Group Members : 1. ________________________ 2. ________________________ 3. ________________________ 4. ________________________ STD/STI researched: _____________________ You will be scored (from 1-4) on how effectively you met the criteria below and demonstrated  knowledge and understanding in your assigned disease.   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   Overall Score: ______ Comments: Do not write on this page Informative Group Project: STD/STI’s Learning Target Addressed: Health Problems & Disease Prevention