Staying Safe While Traveling

Staying Safe While Traveling

This article discusses practical safety tips while traveling alone or with friends. It emphasizes staying alert, keeping both hands free, trusting instincts, avoiding danger spots, and having a safe route home.

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PowerPoint presentation about 'Staying Safe While Traveling'. This presentation describes the topic on This article discusses practical safety tips while traveling alone or with friends. It emphasizes staying alert, keeping both hands free, trusting instincts, avoiding danger spots, and having a safe route home.. The key topics included in this slideshow are Traveling, Safety Tips, Staying Alert, Avoiding Danger Spots, Trusting Instincts,. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. Lets spend some time thinking about how to keep ourselves safe

2. If possible travel with a friend a group of you would be even better. Stay alert keep an eye on everything that is happening around and in front of you. Keep both hands free and dont weigh yourself down with lots of heavy bags - you need to be able to move easily. Dont listen to music as you are walking along Dont walk along talking on your phone Dont check e-mail, read Facebook or send text messages while you are walking Trust your instincts - if you have a 'funny feeling' about someone or something, don't ignore it, act on it straight away. Take the route you know best and stick to well-lit, busy streets. Avoid danger spots like subways, badly lit areas or anywhere where you do not have good all round vision. Walk in the middle of the pavement, facing oncoming traffic. Think about your route home. Where would be a safe place to go if something went wrong? Safe places might be busy places like shops, friends houses or a police station. Have your keys ready so you can get into your home quickly. Make sure that your parents / carers always know how you are travelling home, who with and what time you should be back Travelling to and from school in safety In a pair or a small group discuss this what guidelines can we all follow?

3. If a situation makes you feel uneasy you should try to get away at once. Dont panic, breathe slowly and think clearly about how to react. Always give away your bag, purse or wallet rather than fighting. Your things can be replaced - you can't. Your voice is one of your best forms of defence. Dont be embarrassed to make as much noise as possible to attract attention. Yell at the top of your voice, giving a specific instruction like "Phone the Police!" If you are in a public place walk into a shop, caf, restaurant etc. go up to the counter and ask for help from a member of staff or the manager If you do think someone is following you cross the road, walk in the other direction, walk to a safe place or somewhere busy dont just ignore and pretend its not happening tell someone what has happened If youre out walking and a car pulls up next to you. Turn around and walk the other way to a safe place, you can turn quicker than the car can. What should you do if you feel threatened in any way? What do you think about this question?

4. How can we use taxis safely? Discuss this in groups and come up with some guidelines to share in your tutor group

5. STAYING SAFE ON THE STREETS The important thing is not to be anxious and worried about going about your day to day life. There is a lot you can do to improve your safety. The following precautions can reduce the risks and increase your confidence. Take time to think about your personal safety and P.L.A.N to help reduce the risks. P repare: Before you go out, think for a little bit about where youre going and how youll get there and back. Tell someone where youre going before you leave. L ook confident: Walk tall and hold you head up. If you look confident, other people are less likely to trouble you. Pay attention to what is going on around you so that you can see if trouble is near and avoid it. A void danger: Keep to well lit streets and places where there are lots of people. Dont take short cuts down alleyways or paths. N ever think Im just being silly: If anyone ever does anything to make you feel unsafe, no matter who it is, walk away and tell an adult that you trust what happened.