San Diego EXPORT Center for Health Equity

San Diego EXPORT Center for Health Equity

The San Diego EXPORT Center focuses on improving health equity through research, training, education, and outreach to the community, including clinics and local organizations.

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About San Diego EXPORT Center for Health Equity

PowerPoint presentation about 'San Diego EXPORT Center for Health Equity'. This presentation describes the topic on The San Diego EXPORT Center focuses on improving health equity through research, training, education, and outreach to the community, including clinics and local organizations.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. San Diego EXPORT Center Improving Health Equity through Research, Training, Education, & Outreach C OUNCIL C OUNCIL C OMMUNITY C LINICS C OMMUNITY C LINICS OF OF REHDI REHDI County of San Diego, HHSA

2. Health Disparities National Institute of Health Health Disparities are differences in the incidence, prevalence, mortality, and burden of diseases and other adverse health conditions that exist among specific population groups in the United States Health and Human Services Agency One of Healthy People 2010s overarching goals is to eliminate health disparities.

3. Leading Health Disparities Cardiovascular Disease Cancer Diabetes HIV/AIDS Infant Mortality Asthma Mental Health National Institute of Medicine Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care


5. PRIME-HEq Program in Medical Education - Health Equity

6. California & San Diego Today Medical education is of high quality, but insufficient in quantity & distribution California is currently losing physicians

7. University of Californias Goal To produce culturally & linguistically competent physicians To train physicians to address the needs of underserved communities Expanded medical school enrollment with focused programs of excellence & specialized curricula Through creation of: PRIME Pr ogram i n M edical E ducation

8. UCSDs PRIME Program in Medical Education Health Equity (PRIME-HEq) Developed by faculty from the EXPORT Center to eliminate health disparities: $6 Million/5 year grant from NCMHD Promote participation in disease prevention, intervention, research, & dissemination Implement a joint minority health disparities curriculum for UCSD SOM & SDSU graduate students in public health

9. Why PRIME-HEq in San Diego? One of the busiest international border crossings in the world - over 48 million people in 2003 Community that spans both predominately urban and rural areas on the US/Mexico border In the top 15 metropolitan areas for immigration - almost 13K legal immigrants in FY 2003 More refugees resettled in San Diego than any other metropolitan area in Southern California

10. Other Community Diversity 18 Indian reservations more than any other county in the US 1/3 of households are non-English speaking Approximately 1,000 deaf or hard of hearing students receive special education services in San Diego

11. Assets, Resources & Opportunities At UCSD SOM San Diego EXPORT Center Native American Research Center for Health Hispanic Center of Excellence UCSD Academic Center of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention National Center of Leadership in Academic Medicine Deaf Culture Training Program NIH funding to UCSD research and training

12. Assets, Resources & Opportunities Existing Community/University Partnerships SDSU Graduate School of Public Health Center for Iberian & Latin American Studies County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency Council of Community Clinics Border Health Education Network & Scripps Area Health Education Center Mid-City CAN

13. UCSD PRIME-HEq Inclusive program that trains physicians to provide better health care services to underserved and at risk populations Provides a new option for dual degrees in minority health and health disparities Evolves from community/university partnerships formed over the last two decades

14. Potential PRIME-HEq Dual Degrees Public Health Leadership of Healthcare Organizations Humanities Bioengineering Advanced Studies in Clinical Research Business Administration Advanced Studies in Law & Medicine

15. UCSD Health Science Pipeline Health Careers Opportunities Program San Diego EXPORT Center Basic Science and Behavioral Training Minority Supplement Research Training Native American Research Center for Health

16. UCSD Health Science Pipeline Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience NIH Scholars, McNair Scholars & Young Native Scholars Minority Biomedical Research Support UniversityLINK Community College Program

17. Benefits of Health Science Pipeline and PRIME-HEq Attracts a diverse population of highly qualified students Expands dual degree opportunities Increases the number of physicians providing services to underserved populations

18. UCSD Trained Physicians in PRIME Provide health care to underserved and at risk populations and are excellent clinicians prepared to be: Physician/Advocates, Physician/Scholars, and Physician/Healers

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