Evaluation of the GEAR Project and its Components

Evaluation of the GEAR Project and its Components

This article provides an overview of the evaluation process of the GEAR project, which involves both internal and external evaluation components. The outcomes of the evaluation are discussed, including the multi-component

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About Evaluation of the GEAR Project and its Components

PowerPoint presentation about 'Evaluation of the GEAR Project and its Components'. This presentation describes the topic on This article provides an overview of the evaluation process of the GEAR project, which involves both internal and external evaluation components. The outcomes of the evaluation are discussed, including the multi-component. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1GEAR project GEAR  project Process Evaluation

Slide2Overview of  GEAR  Evaluation  Components Overview  of  GEAR  Evaluation  Components Outcomes Multi-component  internal  evaluation External  evaluator:  Prof.  Carol  Hagemann-White ,  University  of  Osnabrück,  DE External Evaluation Internal Evaluation EFFECTIVENESS EVALUATION Teachers’ Seminar Teachers’ Seminar pre- and post- training questionnaires    test the teachers’ training effectiveness post- training questionnaires    assess seminar’s procedures and identify potential facilitators/barriers for future implementation pre- post- and follow-up questionnaires (intervention & control group)    test the effectiveness of GEAR Workshops in classes pre- post- and follow-up questionnaires (teachers implementing workshops)   test the impact of GEAR Workshops in classes post- training questionnaires   (students & teachers)  assess workshops’ procedures and identify potential facilitators/barriers for future implementation PROCESS EVALUATION EVALUATION OF MASTER GEAR PACKAGE TEACHER’S MANUAL & STUDENTS’ HANDOUTS EVALUATION

Slide3OutlineOutline Overview Aim & Objectives Method Schedule of Process Monitoring Reporting Monitoring Tools

Slide4OverviewOverview Monitoring data collection : Baseline data:  activities to be implemented at specific times, available budget per activity Data Source documents:  agreed work plan and contractual budget Performance targets:  implementation of all planned activities, on time, within the provisioned budget Tool for data collection:  process monitoring checklists Frequency of data collection:  every 3 or 6 months respectively Involved parties:  External Evaluator, Coordinator & Partners Data flow Data synthesis & reporting Coordinator will undertake synthesis of data provided by all partners, as follows: Monitoring of activities: every 3 months Monitoring of expenditures: every 6 months Monitoring of dissemination activities: every 6 months Final reporting : External Evaluator Template 1 Template … Template 8 Coordinator to Partners 1 st  Process Evaluation Form … Process Evaluation Form 8 th  Process Evaluation Form Partners to Coordinator 1 st  Process Evaluation Report … Process Evaluation Report 8 th  Process Evaluation Report Coordinator to External Evaluator Final Report based on the 8 Process Reports Coordinator All Partners Coordinator External Evaluator

Slide5AIM &  Objectives AIM  &  Objectives Aim Monitoring & tracking of the implementation progress   Timely identification of potential deviations/ problems   Decision making & undertaking corrective actions   Smooth implementation Secondary Objectives Systematic, consistent and reliable information on project progress Facilitation of the project’s reporting

Slide6MethodMethod Method  Measure actual results against expected results  Continuous comparison among  actual performance AND  work plan    scheduled  activities execution  time table    timely execution of the activities  budget    implementation according provisions  expected quality    quality of final deliverables

Slide7Schedule of  Process  Monitoring  Reporting Schedule  of  Process  Monitoring  Reporting Duration Throughout the project 8 Process evaluation reports Every 3-month period No Sent template Progress report Content of Progress report 1 st 5.2.2010 26.2.2010 Implementation progress +  Financial report 2 nd 30.4.2010 31.5.2010 Implementation progress +  Dissemination report 3 rd 31.7.2010 31.8.2010 Implementation progress +  Financial report 4 th 31.10.2010 30.11.2010 Implementation progress +  Dissemination report 5 th 31.1.2011 28.2.2011 Implementation progress +  Financial report 6 th 30.4.2011 31.5.2011 Implementation progress +  Dissemination report 7 th 30.7.2011 31.8.2011 Implementation progress +  Financial report 8 th 30.9.2011 30.11.2011 Implementation progress +  Dissemination report   Feb 10 May 10 Aug 10 Nov 10 Feb 11 May 11 Aug 11 Nov 11 G E A R      A G A I N S T     I P V     -      I M P L E M E N T A T I O N Dec 09 Grant Agreement Dec 11 Final Report Oct 10 Final Report

Slide8Monitoring Tools Monitoring  Tools 8 Process Monitoring Checklists Structure : 3 distinct sessions / checklist: “ GENERAL EVALUATION ” its items will be unchanged throughout the project “ DETAILED EVALUATION: EXPECTED RESULTS PER INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY  BY YOUR ORGANIZATION “ its items will be modified according to the work plan “ DETAILED EVALUATION: EXPECTED RESULTS PER INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY  BY THE COORDINATOR “ its items will be modified according to the work plan