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  1. Week of Sept. 11th Throughout the week, we will do activities to practice reading and writing the words of the week also called “sight words” (called that because they should be recognized and spelled quickly upon sight and not need to be sounded out). Each Friday, there will be a spelling test. For the month, I will also be focusing on reading and spelling words with the short /a/(apple Aa) sound. We will work on reading and spelling words with /-at/ and /-an/this week. Some of them will also be on the spelling test (cat, bat, ran, can). The goal is for the students’ to write any word with –at or –an. This week students will be introduced to the classroom word wall.Each child’s name will be placed on the wall during an activity, and they will learn the wall is there to help them write. Spelling words will be added weekly. Color words will also be added this week. Color word reading activities will continue throughout the month. Ask your child at the end of the week about the word wall. What is the Word Wall for? (to help spell when we don’t remember). Where would I find ----on the word wall? (For example; give them the word “my”- it would be under “m” because it starts with m”.) They also have a mini word wall on their name tag. Language Arts: Students are working on completing pages in an All About Me book. Math:Lesson Topics for the week: Reviewing number bonds “part, part, whole” (See the papers coming home as a reminder.) Looking at sets of dots or pictures and recognizing 5-groups (5 and 1, 5 and 2, 5 and 3, 5 and 4, 5 and 5).One of the parts is a 5. This can be practiced using fingers. This is to practice recognizing sets quickly without having to count them. Adding 1 more with numbers and words, To make this easier they should understand: Focus words for the week: I can we see the my like can ran cat bat that than Please look for spelling homework Wednesday & Thursday. I go over it with the students before it is sent home, but they may need a reminder of directions. It shouldn’t take very long to do, if it does, please send me a note to let me know. Reading a book each night to your child is very important to help make your child a good reader. Ask them the questions during and after reading as we also ask in class: Who are the characters? Where is the story happening? What is the problem in this story? How do you think they will solve it? How did they solve it? What does this story remind you of? “is” means = “more than” means +

  2. Ways to make 5 and 6 (there are only a few combinations to learn as long as your child understands turn around facts (numbers can be added in any order). Ways to Make 5 Ways to Make 6 0,5 0,6 1,4 1,5 2,3 2,4 3,3 Examples: Other:There will be math homework assigned once this week. If they have additional math coming home it is because they did not complete the assignment when it was given in class. Please read directions and help if needed. If your child has not brought in an “art shirt” (an adult t shirt works great) for Art Class please send one in. Art is on Wednesdays. A Scholastic book order came home. If ordering, please send the cash/checks and orders to me, or submit them online, by Thursday. Something you may not have known: if you order online, you can do it any time during the year and when the books come in I will send them home with your child.  Curriculum Night is Thursday the 21st 6:30-7:00 for first grade parents/guardians. Mrs. Breeze-Hrycko Newsletters can also be viewed online every Monday on my school web page. If you would rather view it online and do not want a paper copy each week please let me know. 