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  1. Eleventh ANNUAL Save the Date Virginia Heart & Vascular Institute Symposium Saturday, February 4, 2017 7:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. Jepson Alumni Executive Center at the University of Mary Washington 1119 Hanover Street | Fredericksburg, VA Symposium Format Multi-disciplinary Case Presentations • Cardiorenal Syndrome – Can We Get Along? • Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Post Stent Placement: How Long is Enough? • Stroke Risk Stratification and Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation • Hormone Replacement & Heart Disease: Equal Opportunity for Men and Women • Co-Contributors to the Inevitable Heart Failure Exacerbation Human Heart (A, right atrium; B, left atrium; C, myocardium; D, right ventricle; E, inferior vena cava; F, pulmonary veins; G, pulmanary artery; H, superior vena cava; I, aorta; J, pulmonary artery; K, pul- monary veins; L, left ventricle) • Stop Snoring, Start Breathing: Don’t Snooze on Sleep Apnea • Aortic Valve Disease: Diagnosis, Treatment and Patient Selection • Power Hour: Cardiac Disease Prevention in the PCP Setting • PAD: How to Diagnose, Treat and When to Refer • Syncope: When to refer to a Cardiologist • “Murmurs” Is That a Sound to be Concerned About? Visit Heart.mwhc.com to register and view the full schedule. Heart.mwhc.com Continuing innovation in collaborative cardiovascular care.