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  1. CVD Risk Factor Thresholds Positive Risk Factors Defining Criteria Points Men ≥45 yrs, women ≥55 yrs Age Family History +1 +1 Myocardial infarction, coronary revascularization, or sudden death in of parent or other first degree relative if male less than <55 yrs or female <65 yrs Current smoker or those who quit within the past 6 months; OR exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (second-hand smoke) Cigarette Smoking +1 SBP ≥140 mmHg or DBP ≥90 mmHg confirmed by measurements on at least two separate occasions, OR on antihypertensive medication Hypertension +1 LDL >130 mg/dL OR HDL <40 mg/dL, OR on lipid-lowering medication. If total serum cholesterol is all that is available , use >200 mg/dL Dyslipidemia +1 Fasting blood glucose ≥100 mg/dL but <126 mg/dL confirmed on at least two separate occasions Prediabetes +1 BMI >30, or waist girth >102 cm (40 in) for men and >88 cm (35 in) for women Obesity +1 Persons not participating in a regular exercise program accumulating 30 minutes or more of moderate physical activity on most days of the week Sedentary Lifestyle +1 Negative Risk Factors Defining Criteria Points >60 mg/dL High Serum HDL -1 Total

  2. Stratifying a Client’s Risk