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  1. OSCE Checklist: Examination of the Ear Introduction Introduction Introduce yourself Wash hands Briefly explain to the patient what the examination involves Pinna and Post Auricular Area Pinna and Post Auricular Area Inspect pinna and mastoid: - Obvious deformities - Scars or skin changes Palpate the lymph nodes External Ear External Ear Inspect the external ear with otoscope Inspect the external ear canal - Pull the external ear superiorly and posteriorly Tympanic Membrane Tympanic Membrane Inspect the tympanic membrane for: - Lateral process of malleus - Cone of light - Pars tensa and pars flaccida Assessment of Hearing Assessment of Hearing Rinne Test (512Hz tuning fork) - Place near the external ear canal - Then place against the mastoid process Weber Test Test (512Hz tuning fork) - Place on the forehead in the midline Completing the Examination Completing the Examination Thank the patient To complete the examination: - Tympanogram - Pure tone audiometry