REBNY Listing Service LLC (RLS) Internet Data Exchange (IDX) RLS Firm Opt Out Form - PDF Document

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  1. REBNY Listing Service LLC (RLS) Internet Data Exchange (IDX) RLS Firm Opt Out Form This RLS IDX Firm Opt Out Form permits firms participating in the RLS to opt out of the RLS IDX Program. By signing the RLS IDX Opt Out Form, your firm’s listing content will not appear on any of the RLS firm’s websites. Likewise, your firm cannot display listing content from any other RLS firm on your company’s website without obtaining written individual permission to do so from the listing RLS firm. Signing this form will mean that all offices where you are the Broker A will opt out of the RLS IDX Program In addition, please be aware that this opt out extends to all RLS agents in your firm. This RLS IDX Firm Opt Out Form must be filled out completely and signed by the Broker A for your firm. Firm Name: __________________________________________________________ Firm REBNY ID#:_______________ Broker A Name: _______________________________________________________ Broker A ID #: ________________ Email Address: _________________________________________________________ Firm Street Address: ____________________________________________________ Firm City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________ Firm Phone Number: ___________________________________________________ Are you the Broker A for more than one office? If so, attach a separate page with a list of the offices to which this form will apply. By signing below, you agree to the following: MY FIRM WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN THE RLS IDX PROGRAM, AND I WILL NOT BE AN IDX BROKER. I understand that this means that other firms participating in the RLS IDX Program will not be permitted to display my firm’s listings on their websites. I further understand that my firm and its agents will receive no benefits under the RLS IDX Program. My firm, and/or any of its agents, will not be allowed to display the listings of other participants in the RLS IDX Program, unless I receive written permission from them individually. I am the Broker A for the Firm(s) as noted above or attached and represent that I have authority to execute this form on behalf of the office(s) noted. Signature: __________________________________ Date: _________________ Print Name: _______________________________________________ Once you have completed and signed this IDX Opt Out Form, return by email to or mail to Real Estate Board of NY 570 Lexington Ave 2nd Floor New York, New York 10022 Attn: RLS NY 75266872v1 09/04/2014 6:37 PM