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  1. Direct Push Probe Rods Introducing a new alternative for Direct Push tooling and consumables. • High quality tooling and liners at competitive prices • Compatible with established direct push tooling manufacturers • Comprehensive range includes probe rods, macrocore, dual tube, vapour points, pre-packs and liners • Made in the USA • Most items in stock, ready to ship Code 3.25in Probe Rods & Accessories Description DPSDR325GT5 1.5m probe rod 3.25in DPSDR325GT4 1.2m probe rod 3.25in DPSDR325GT2 610mm probe rod 3.25in Drive Cap 3.25in Rod GH40 hammer DPSDR325GT6 DPSDR325GT7 Drive Cap 3.25in Rod GH60 hammer DPSDR325GT8 Pull Cap 3.25in GeoThread Rod DPSDR325GT9A Expendable Point Holder 3.25in 102mm oversized DPST3215 Expendable point 3.25in OD steel

  2. Direct Push Probe Rods Code Description 2.25in Probe Rods & Accessories DPSDR225GT5 2.25in probe rod 1.5m length DPSDR225GT4 2.25in probe rod 1.2m length DPSDR225GT3 2.25in probe rod 914mm length DPSDR225GT2 2.25in probe rod 610mm length DPSDR225GT1 2.25in probe rod 305mm length DPSDR225GT1M 2.25in probe rod 1m length DPSDR225GT6 2.25in drive cap GH40 hammer threadless DPSDR225GT6TH 2.25in drive cap GH40 hammer threaded DPSDR225GT7 2.25in drive cap GH60 hammer threadless DPSDR225GT7TH 2.25in drive cap GH60 hammer threadless DPSDR225GT8 2.25in pull cap DPST2015 2.25in expendable point 2.125in Probe Rods & Accessories DPSDR2125GT5 2.125in probe rod 1.5m DPSDR2125GT4 2.125in probe rod 1.2m DPSDR2125GT7 2.125in drive cap threadless GH60 hammer DPSDR2125GT6 2.125in drive cap threadless GH40 hammer DPSDR2125GT8 2.125in pull cap DPST2015 2.125in expendable point

  3. Direct Push Probe Rods Code Description 1.5in Probe Rods & Accessories DPSDR156GT5 1.5in probe rod 1.5m DPSDR156GT4 1.5in probe rod 1.2m DPSDR156GT3 1.5in probe rod 914mm DPSDR156GT2 1.5in probe rod 610mm DPSDR156GT1 1.5in probe rod 305mm DPSDR156GT8-GP DPS1.5in drive cap GH60 hammer threadless DPSDR156GT7-TH 1.5in drive cap GH40 hammer threaded DPSDR156GT9 1.5in pull cap 1.25in Probe Rods & Accessories DPSDR125GT5 1.25in probe rod 1.5m length DPSDR125GT4 1.25in probe rod 1.2m length DPSDR125GT3 1.25in probe rod 914mm length DPSDR125GT2 1.25in probe rod 610mm length DPSDR125GT1 1.25in probe rod 305mm length DPSDR125GT6S 1.25in drive cap GH40 hammer threaded DPSDR125GT8 1.25in pull cap