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  1. Precision brass rod W5000

  2. W5000 Round Rod W5000 the brass rod for highest demands Geometry The W5000 rod is our premium product for your high-precision machining. Due to the diameter tolerance h8 which is further reduced within a bundle, our size range 1.5 to 10 mm is particularly suitable for machining on automatic long-turning lathes running at high speeds. These sizes are available with a uniformly smooth surface drawn with diamond tools for the highest demands. – Inspected geometry for each rod. Our rods up to 80 mm usually have a much better straightness than 0,5 mm/m. – Cut lengths, no deviation within a batch – Reduced diameter variation within a batch – Minimal out-of-roundness – High uniformity of diameters within a rod/bundle/ packaging unit. Reduced tolerances for sizes 4 to 10 mm, within a bundle the diameter tolerance h8 is reduced to 5 µm and the out-of-roundness is restricted to 0.05 % of the diameter Our rods in sizes over 10 to 50 mm have been specially optimized for machining on multi-spindle automatic lathes. For diameters up to 30 mm we supply these rods with a tolerance h8. The end finish that is suitable for automated processing enables smooth feeding and unmanned operation. Nominal Ø ISO–tolerance Out–of–roundness mm 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 mm mm max. 0.002 –0.014 Our rods in sizes over 50 to 80 mm are supplied in drawn temper and ensure a trouble-free machining because of their high precision and constant properties. max. 0.0025 max. 0.003 max. 0.0035 max. 0.004 max. 0.0045 max. 0.005 –0.018 h8 –0.022 Technical delivery conditions Quality features that speak for themselves – End finish suitable for automatic feeding Wieland-Z33 and Wieland-Z41 – Bright drawn surfaces – Consistant properties due to close alloy tolerances – All rods are eddy current tested – Good machinability due to fine and homogeneous lead distribution – Manufacturer’s mark on rod face with diameter > 7mm – Long life due to low contamination level and optimized phase distribution Nominal Ø Camfer length Point length mm < 5 6–10 11–20 21–30 31–39 40–42 43–70 71–80 mm 0.2–1,0 0.2–1.5 0.2–2.0 0.2–3 0.2–4 0.2–4 0.2–4 both ends sawn mm 1.5–4 2–7 3–10 4–12 7.5–11 10–12 second end sawn both ends sawn – Our material Wieland-Z41 is approved for use in drin- king water in Europe Material destination Chemical composition % Cu Zn balance Wieland Z33 EN CuZn39Pb3 CW614N CuZn40Pb2 CW617N UNS C38500 58 Pb 3 Z41 C38000 58 balance 2 2 W5000 I Extruded Products I Wieland Group

  3. Packaging Mechanical Properties Size range 2 to 5 mm The rods are tied with cord in small bundles of approx. 25 kg and packed in a wooden box lined with recyclable PE foil. Net weight approx. 250 kg. We guarantee constant mechanical strength properties through tight tolerances for reliable finished products. Rm Rp0,2 Elongation Size range EN- Temper MPa min. 500 min. 500 min. 500 min. 430 min. 360 MPa min. 350 min. 350 min. 350 min. 220 min. 350 % Size range > 5.5 to 9.5 mm Small bundles of approx. 25 kg up to 7.5 mm. Loose packaging for larger sizes. The rods are packed in a wooden box lined with recyclable PE foil. Net weight approx. 500 kg. 2–<4 4–8 > 8–14 14–60 60–80 R500 R500 R500 R430 R360 A 100 A 11.3 min. 3 A min. 5 A min. 10 Amin. 20 Size range > 10 mm The rods are supplied preferably in bundles of approx. 500 kg. Alternatively, they are available in bundles of up to 1,000 kg. The bundles are steel strapped several times over corrugated cardboard and in order to prevent them from sliding one bundle end is wrapped in jute sacking. These specifications apply to our standard packaging. Special packaging is available on request. Lead distribution The formation of needle chips is essentially determined by a balanced ratio between alpha and beta phases with homogeneous lead distribution. Lead results in short chips, low tool wear and cutting forces. Work efficiently and cost-effectively thanks to our consitant quality A calculation that pays off. Make use of the advantages of our consistently high quality for a stable manufacturing process! Number of revolutions Machinig time/ component Mach. hourly rate Mach. costs/ component Yield Costs/1.250 components Saving with W5000 1/min sec € € components/h € Wieland W5000* Tolerance ISO h8 normal round rod Tolerance according to EN 5,000 17 51 0.24 212 302 201€/100kg 3,000 28 51 0.40 127 503 *example refers to diameter of 22 mm For further sizes and types please refer to our stock list. 3 Wieland Group I Extruded Products I W5000

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