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  1. DATE November 2018 TURNING ON TORQUE RODS INDUSTRY BEST TORQUE RODS BENEFITS OF ATRO TORQUE RODS & ROTATING BUSHING BETTER MATERIAL: Polyurethane Is Better than Rubber Stronger Material: Greater Tensile and Tear Strength Chemically Resistant: Impervious against Oil, Cleaning Solutions SELLING SMALL EYE RODS Large 2" Bushing Atro OEM BETTER CONSTRUCTION: • Forged Casted Eye • Stronger Mechanical v-grooved weld Heavy Rod TSOO-22500 Rotating Pin Outside Diameter: 2" eye OEM Rod: 1 7/8" diamerter shaft with 1 7/8" rod eyes Rubber: Bushing, Doesn’t Rotate TWO PIECE RODS For Finished Rods Lengths up to 27’ TORQUE RODS ARE PROFITABLE Estimated Average Fleet Purchase Price is $180.00 Average Net from ATRO is $99.00 Warranty & ATRO Poly justifies upgrade over replacement rubber ATRO OFFERS SUPERIOR PARTS Material, Construction and Design Longer Warranty. TORQUE RODS FOR ALL MAKES BENEFITS OF THE ROTATING PIN THREE SIMPLE CLICKS 1 CHOOSE THE BUSHING 2 CHOOSE THE C-TO-C LENGTH Reduces Parts Inventory Easier Installation, No Clocking Eliminates Bushing Wind-up Crimped and Bonded Outer Sleeve 3 FIND YOUR TORQUE ROD Binghamton N.Y. 800-836-2665 • Watertown N.Y. 800-836-3071 • Pittston Pa. 800-234-2665 Cortland N.Y. 800-770-7022 • Rochester N.Y. 585-458-1520 • Mechanicsburg Pa. 800-464-1238 Utica N.Y. 315-733-2595 • Elmira N.Y. 800-876-2287 • Scranton Pa. 800-451-8854